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It’s Time for an Update…

Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate my local library? If I haven’t, then I am remiss, because it is one special place staffed by the most amazing people.

They have been very supportive with my debut picture book Someday We Will published by Beaming Books. On a sunny Friday a trio of library folk met up with me at a local park, launching the first of their local author spotlight series. Marcy, (PR maestro), was our moderator, and Kimber, (amazing youth librarian), as the interviewer, and the intrepid Mike, (life-long learning coordinator), acting as our camera crew passed an hour discussing the book, addressing how children are separated from loved ones, like grandparents, and we even covered the mystery of the publishing process. We had a great time! Here is the link to the interview:

The best part was being presented with my book fashioned into a clock!

The library staff added their comments, making this a much appreciated gift!

Another activity the library provides for the community are the story walks. This is gaining popularity in different areas, especially since storytime is not available yet to share books.

Take a walk while reading my book!

Another update is finding reviews popping up on different websites. I do enjoy those surprise finds! Here’s a recent one from Big Books for Little Hands:

Someday We Will – Beaming Books has so many great titles for families and this one does not disappoint. A sweet book about all of the fun things that grandparents and grandkids do together, from going on road trips, and playing outside, to eating ice cream before dinner. I love the way this book brings to life the excitement and anticipation of visiting grandparents, who live far away, after a time apart. This book reminds me so much of the way my sisters, brother and I counted down the days until we visited our grandparents each summer.

And Ms. Emily from the Harrisburg Library in Illinois selected my book as her pick of the month:

Clear out in Illinois they are reading my book!

Ms. Emily’s Pick of the Month

And the Seattle Book Review gave it a 5/5 review, saying: ” I felt as if I was being transported to this beautiful world that the grandparents and grandchildren are having together. The illustrations were beautiful and whimsical.

Trying to promote a debut picture book during the pandemic has indeed been challenging. An author has to persevere and be creative, and also rely on the strength of the book to gain momentum among readers.

If you haven’t yet checked out Someday We Will, I hope you will, especially if you and your family are separated from loved ones, because Someday We Will be together again.

Even though Grandparents Day was Sunday, September 13, Grandparents are special everyday. Wouldn’t this be a great book to share with grandparent you know?

Celebrate Grandparents Day!

One of the rewards of being a parent is to become a grandparent!

In fact, my granddaughter is the one who inspired me to write my debut picture book Someday We Will.

I treasured our visits when she was a baby, and then as a toddler, and I would daydream about all the marvelous activities we would share together as she grew older.

I would play with these activities in my head, creating happy little rhymes:

“Someday we will
Fly balloons up to the moon [this one didn’t pass through editing]

Someday we will
Eat dessert first [this one definitely did and is a favorite]

Finally I collected enough rhymes to create a manuscript which I eventually submitted to a publisher specializing in family themes. Andrew DeYoung of Beaming Books enthusiastically and expertly guided me to editing the book into its present form. It has less rhyme and more of a lyrical flow, creating a more resonant text that expresses the joy of being together.

The subtitle: A book for grandparents and grandchildren is a reminder how special that connection is between grandparent and grandchild.

September 13 is National Grandparents Day. Though there might be distance due to our present situation, that connection remains a strong bond.

Celebrate Grandparents Day, knowing Someday We Will be together.

Mark that Date

One month ago my debut picture book book, Someday We Will, launched out into the world–in the middle of a pandemic. Libraries are closed. Bookstores are closed. This makes readings and signings tough. I did manage a virtual book launch party, complete with a book giveaway.

The party was a hit.

Since that seventh day of April the book has received one professional view and two reader reviews. Content, perhaps am I, as Yoda might reflect. Somebody is reading Someday We Will. I am not sure what to expect in terms of getting reader attention, although I have attempted to nudge publicity by all sorts of reaching out. For those who are trying to garner your own “I published a book when the world shut down” attention, feel free to be inspired or perhaps encouraged by efforts.

To date I have contacted:

  • my library (they are wonderfully supportive)
  • the local newspaper and community magazines (nada yet)
  • set up my author page on the major social media book websites (decent response)
  • promoted on my blog (great response)
  • created a storytime video on YouTube (wait and see)
  • announced it through my school’s internet update page (very supportive)
  • reached out to NPR and AARP (creative hoping)
  • contacted my alumni magazines (Woo hoo! Got in!)

My publisher is doing their part. My launch team is doing their part. Publishing a book, a debut picture book, during a time when the world is in crisis is not easy.

Yet, I believe in my literary effort. It’s more than getting people to read the book. I know Someday We Will offers an incredible message of encouragement that goes beyond the story idea of grandparents and grandchildren looking forward to seeing each other for a family visit. Right now, we are all in a state of anticipation of what we will someday be able to do once again:

I have started a list—feel free to add to it:

Someday we will go to the grocery store without masks

Someday we will go to the park without worrying guilt for being outside

Someday we will go out to dinner AND a movie–in a theater

Someday we will hug those we haven’t seen for awhile without worry

Someday we can have teachers teach in the classroom again

And someday we will look at this time in our lives with wonder, awe, and even some sadness and remorse, but someday it will be in the past.

The Someday Winner is…

Just in case you missed last week’s announcement:

Keeping the Post Office in business

My debut picture book, Someday We Will, was released April 7th and since holding an actual book launch party proved a bit difficult, I held a virtual party with cupcakes, decorations, bubbles, and a door prize. I even gave a reading.

Someday We Will, is all about that anticipation of being with people we love, like grandparents getting together with their grandchildren. And that’s what prompted me to write the book. When my granddaughter was oh so little, I thought about all those marvelous activities we would share together someday. The book has become quite timely in its arrival. We all are separated from loved ones and there are many activities we long to do someday…

I asked those who came to my party–sorry if you came late, but maybe I can still find you some bubbles since the cupcakes are all gone–to share a someday hope. I received so many hopefuls, I need to share some of them with you:

Mireya wants to walk with Roxy and teach her art to others.

Michele hopes to read with her grandsons, she has a “Nonna’s Book Club.”

Annette (from my awesome local library) can’t wait until I can read my book to a room full of children (neither can I!)

Mitch stepped right up and shared a bounty of someday hopefuls from flying to favorite places, seeing new places, and visiting his daughter.

Jenny shared how Zoe is excited to discover I’m her great aunt.

Bev is looking forward to teaching art to her granddaughters and helping them to write.

Becky wants to build with Legos with her grandson once again.

Elizabeth is set to hug her grandkids again, read to them and blow bubbles with them.

As does Mary, who wants to also blow bubbles with her granddaughter.

There were a few fashionably late arrivals who passed on great someday hopes such as sharing pizza with a mom, hugging neighbors and friends, and even someday attending my next book launch in person.

And then there was Chelsea who chronicles her life with a houseful of boys, runs a really good bad poetry contest, and manages to inject humor into her insights. Here is her someday hope summary–visit last post’s comments for its entirety (you’ll smile and cry at the same time):

Someday I will see my mother. I’ll pile my lively, loud, loving brood into our minivan–not for a ‘drive’ with no destination or a ‘trip’ to the grocery store pickup–but to grandmother’s house we’ll go. [okay, I’m a grandma and I miss my grandkiddo so I’m tearing up–then she clobbers it out of the park after building up how they will drive up to her mother’s house] My mother will open the door, ask,”Oh! Who rang my doorbell? and feign surprise as her grandchildren jump out. Everyone will hug everyone and things will be as if they never were ever different.”

That’s going to be our new happily ever after ending for stories from now on: “Everyone will hug everyone and things will be as if they never were ever different.”

Okay–all your somedays hopes were amazing and I know they will indeed someday be here, yet Chelsea captured the book’s theme of missing special people in our life, and looking forward to fun times, and the feeling of how we are anticipating getting that hug from that someone we love. This is why she won the door prize of an autographed copy of Someday We Will.

So–Chelsea…email me at and we will figure out how to get that book to you.

For those arriving fashionably late, it’s never too late to add to the someday hope list. Leave your someday hope in the comments below, and believe it, someday we will be together again.

Take care–


Yes! Today is the day Someday We Will is released. I am so pleased to share that news with you, readers. Since a book launch party is on hold…for now…

You can celebrate my book’s release my attending my virtual book launch party.

Here are the cupcakes (no worries–there’s more on the back table):

What’s a party without the decorations?

I planned on handing out party favors, which would be bubbles, because that is one of my favorite activities to share with my granddaughter. It’s one of our traditions.

And of course, I would read from my book. I hope this video is the next best thing to being there:

What activities are you looking forward to doing someday with someone you are able to be with right now? Because we have hope that we will someday be together again, hold on to the promise of the somedays to come.

A book launch would have a door prize–an autographed copy of my book, for sure. Since we aren’t together for my book launch I will hold a virtual door prize by having you send me a couple of lines of the someday activity you are looking forward to sharing with that special someone you are separated from at the moment. This is a kid friendly blog, so keep your activities G-rated, please and thank you. I will close submission on April 14th–one week from now. Send in your someday moments before then and I will select from the entries and send out an autographed copy of Someday We Will to you.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you check out my book at or at

Promo Ponderings

It’s countdown time for Someday We Will, which debuts April 7th, 2020. Plans for the book launch at the library are understandably put on hold, as is a friendly backyard celebration of sorts. It’s fortunate social media is so readily available. And after an instructive morning of experiencing a crash course on Instagram, Tumbler, and YouTube, I have uploaded my promo trailer and I am hoping for kindness and uplifting encouragement.

The book’s original intent of describing that joyous anticipation of grandparents and grandchildren awaiting a visit together has taken on a different meaning. When I read the book now, I feel a resonance of hope, for hope can bridge the separation from loved ones. Someday We Will has become a message about how someday we will be reunited with our loved ones once again. My thanks again to Beaming Books, who believed in the manuscript and polished it into something so much more meaningful. I also appreciate Wendy Leach’s cheerful illustrations, which resonate with the goodtime feeling of being together.

My personal hope is that you and your loved ones are safe and well. I also pray that you hold on to the faith that we can focus on the positive, even through these through these uncertain times.

Take care,

Mail can be a happy place…

Amidst the current state of concerns arrived a day brightener:

Yes, a bit of celebration receiving a box of my debut picture book!

A happy moment holding my first published book

The premise of Someday We Will seems even more appropriate now. The anticipation of being together once again due to distance takes on different meaning.

In these times of uncertainty my prayer is that you and your family stay well and stay strong. Take care and celebrate being together in ways that bring you happiness.

First Review!

Good news, especially unexpected good news that pops up in the email agenda, is very much welcome. And when it is a good news about my debut book’s first professional review—well, that news needs to be shared!

Last week my publisher emailed me Kirkus Reviews reception of Someday We Will. I was told I had to keep it on the quiet until January 21. The calendar now provides an all clear…

And here is what Kirkus has to say:

While long-distance relationships can be a bit difficult to maintain even with the possibilities of today’s technology, this will surely encourage good strategic discussion to quell the impatience of waiting for the next welcoming stay at a grandparent’s home.Captures the eager anticipation of reunions with loving grandparents. (Picture book. 3-7).

I shared this good news with our local children’s librarian and she congratulated me, mainly getting my book reviewed, commenting that many children’s books don’t get reviewed.


Good news received and shared with you. I am hoping for more positive reviews.

The book’s publish date is April 7th—getting closer!

Ta dah and Surprise

Well, you might be wondering where Cricket Muse has hopped off to and who is this “Pam Webb.”

No worries.

Cricket Muse is still here, yet I have fulfilled the promise I made to myself that once I became published–not as magazine byline, not as part of an anthology, but as an author through a mainstream publisher–I would upgrade to a domain with my true name.

Here I am: Pam Webb

The published title in question will be available April 2020, which seems a long way off, yet my publisher is revving up the publicity wagon and I best jump on.

This publicity thing is tough on a gregarious hermit like myself–hence hiding out as Cricket Muse for the past seven or so years. A promise is a promise.

So–here is the newly designed blog, and I hope you will keep visiting. Check out my About page and Published Writing to get a bit more about Pam Webb. As for Cricket Muse? She’s still there. It’s difficult to keep a cricket from being a-mused with life.

The book. Right, the book. How the book came to be is a blog post coming up. I do want to thank Andrew DeYoung of Beaming Books who believed in the story, and Wendy Leach who provided the lighthearted illustrations. It’s been a wonderful experience. Thanks to all who have helped get this idea out of the drawer where it had been hiding and up on the shelves.

Image result for someday we will pam webb

You can check out the title in a couple of different places:



As for the blog format? Cricket is nudging me to keep up my regular posts of Why We Say, Word Nerds, Bard Bits, and other miscellaneous thoughts about life. Those crickets-tccch-such chirpy little things…

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