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I began this website as a blog a few years ago as a means of expressing my views about reading and writing–two favorites in life.

I love to write. Until recently, my day job was a high school English teacher. Although immersed in reading my student’s writing, I still managed to find time to create stories, primarily for children, middle readers, and young adults, with the occasional adult focus.

hammock reading

I also love to read, preferably in my backyard hammock on a summer day. Check out my Goodreads profile.

I also have fun posting about National Days on Instagram.

Reading and writing–they go together and I can’t imagine one without the other. It’s finding the balance to do both.

Reader, writer, reviewer, teacher…
and a student of words.

 This website is all about books I’ve read, I’m reading currently, and books I plan on reading. The website is also about writing and how reading affects my writing. From time to time I throw in bits about teaching, films watched, and other topics, such as the origin of phrases we say. I also have a fascination for words–yes, I confess am a Word Nerd. I also toss in Bardinator bits, as I am a definitely a Shakespeare enthusiast. From time to time I also talk about the books I am writing, or have recently published.

The old, old saying of starting a journey begins with one step applies to starting a blog for me. I bought into the idea that if I began a blog readers would come racing out of the cornfields to read it. No, Kevin Costner wasn’t at that writing conference, only his film’s influence. The idea is this: I need to get more serious about my writing commitment. Maybe that will happen now that I have retired from teaching students how to write; however, I continue to struggle with reading books and writing my own books.

I began my published writing career with a story in Highlights for Children way back in 1988, and have published many stories and articles along the way, I even have stories in a couple of anthologies, one being a Chicken Soup for the Soul  title.  

My recently published picture book is Someday We Will, a story aimed for grandparents and grandkids, yet it applies to anyone who looks forward to spending time with that special someone.

Blue Skies,
Pam Webb
aka CricketMuse

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