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Stressed? Try Cow Hugging

I have long appreciated cows. They have an inherent lassitude that encourages one to slow down to stop and smell, or in their case, eat the roses (do cows eat roses?)

Well, the world is discovering how therapeutic a cow can be. Cow hugging is now a thing.

Hugging a cow helps with emootional release

Having been around cows, I had not considered them as hug therapy candidates. They are rather massive. rather bony, and rather, well, they are rather a bit on the earthy side of clean. Apparently I am missing something.

Hugging one another, especially those outside of our “safe” circle is risky these days. I’ve been sent videos where it shows people hugging their pets as a means of relieving their anxiety. A hug is immensely therapeutic. And if hugging humans is not readily available then a pet often suffices.

Pet therapy is well-known, which is why there is such a surge in therapy animals. And this was prior to COVID-19.

So, hugging cows is understandable, and cuddling with a dog or cat is well-established as therapeutic, but hugging a person truly can’t be replaced, and I look forward to returning to a world where a hug isn’t life threatening.

Someday We Will not have to be socially distant although hugging cows can remain a practice. I imagine cows need hugs too.

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8 thoughts on “Stressed? Try Cow Hugging

  1. I wonder what the cows make of it, I bet it makes a change from their usual day. The worry comes when the cows decide to hug back!

    • One farm limits hugging, which makes me wonder if the cows become stressed from humans using them to de-stress. Somewhat of a paradox.

      • I suppose one has to wonder when hugs are given do they pass the stress to the recipient of the hug. If so then that will make for more stress and no hugs, which is worse, or better.

  2. I have a hunch the cows enjoy it. At any rate, it’s certainly a nicer trend than cow-tipping.

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