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Book Birthday Two

Two Years Today!

Two years ago on April 7th, Someday We Will debuted ready to greet the world with its message of the joy that comes with anticipating a visit with those we love, especially visits with grandparents.

Two years ago was also the start of the pandemic. Schools, businesses, transportation, borders, so much shut down as the world learned how to cope with Covid.

Not the most advantageous time to promote a debut picture book. Ironically enough (although one librarian deemed it prescient) the book’s focus is on the joy of coming together after being separated.

Covid was not on my mind when I submitted the book for publication to Beaming Books two years earlier.My thoughts were on the joy experienced whenever I visit my granddaughter.

Separation has taken on deeper meaning with Covid. There is more involved, more considerations when planning a visit. “Someday we will…”and “Someday is here!” has more personal meaning these days.

With libraries and bookstores open once again to in-person events, I look forward to making the rounds and promoting Someday We Will.

In these past two years have you had your someday turn into today? I hope so! That moment of being reunited with a loved one is not just for grandparents and grandchildren.

In the meantime I’ve been busy writing and submitting other stories and look forward to sharing more book birthdays with you.

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11 thoughts on “Book Birthday Two

  1. petespringerauthor on said:

    Congratulations, Pam. I’m in that “time to make things happen” phase of my life. Next month I’m taking a cross-country trip to visit my three older brothers, scattered in each of the continental time zones. (New Jersey, Minnesota, Colorado). If Covid has taught me anything, it is to take nothing for granted.

    Much luck with your new book projects.

  2. Molly Ertel on said:

    Congratulations, Pam! My sister’s grandkids love it!

  3. Love your book, Pam! During the past two years, someday did turn into today when I finally saw my youngest grandchild again. He wasn’t the same little tyke anymore but still loves books and can now read to me!

  4. Yes! Keep writing! I remember when you released this.

  5. A timely reminder that I need to pick up your book, and all being well and getting a job soon, I shall purchase and review it. Someday I will…

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