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Grandparents Day!

Today is Grandparents Day. Probably not the most well-known holiday, then again, everyday as a grandparent or being with a grandparent is pretty special.

My debut picture book Someday We Will celebrates the joy of anticipating a visit with the grand folks. I was inspired to write the book based on all the wonderful activities I would someday share with my granddaughter, Zara. So, happy Grandparents Day to you, Zara from your Gigi.

Hoping everyone’s Grandparents Day is special!

What favorite grandparent memories do you have?

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8 thoughts on “Grandparents Day!

  1. ANY time I think of my G’ma Lola I get happy. (except for the last 4 years of her 96 year long life) She was exceptional as a teacher, person, church goer, and Grandmother. I try to be like her.

  2. petespringerauthor on said:

    About to have a daughter-in-law next June. This is one club I want to sign up for.🤣

  3. Every one of my grandparents was a character, that’s for sure. Thanks for reminding me to reminisce.

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