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Someday We Will: Activities Page

Anticipation of fun times and a visit!

Welcome to the Someday We Will activities page. The book highlights all sorts of activities that can be done together, such as swimming, going to the park or museum, flying kites, or even drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk.

While doing those activities together is fun, waiting to be together is not so fun. To make the waiting, that anticipation, go by a bit faster, here are a few ideas:

1. Start a Someday Jar
Thinking up activities will help pass the time.
A. Find a clean container, one big enough to put your hand in. Write on it “Someday” in bold print. Consider decorating the container with drawings that reflect your someday hopes or cutouts from magazines. B. Write your own someday activities on a slip of paper, fold it, and place it in the container.
C. When “Someday” arrives, reach in and pull out a slip of paper to discover an activity choice to share together.

What activities do you hope to do Someday?
Fill up a jar with Someday Hopes

2. Calendar Countdown
Like the brother and sister in the story, marking the days off until that special “Someday” arrives helps to count off the time.
A. Either use a household calendar or find one especially set aside for counting down the days.
B. Mark the days with an “X” or stickers or any other special way.
C. Circle the special “Someday” or draw a big happy face or even bright bold stars and exclamation points that say “Yay!”

Counting down to that special visit!

3. Memory Book
Once that “Someday” arrives, begin collecting memories in a special book. Looking back on times together is another “Someday” activity to share!
A. Find, buy, or create a book with blank pages. Mark the date of the visit on the cover or on the inside.
B. Begin collecting memories from activities shared together, going beyond photographs. Did you go to the beach? Consider gluing some sand on the page or maybe a small shell.
C. Write down a sentence or two that helps remember the day: “Found some shells at the beach!”

Capture memories in a special book

These are a couple of ideas for now–come back later for other activities.

I hope you enjoy your “Someday” with your loved ones. Please share your own “Someday” memories, activities, or comments below.

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