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Word Nerd: Places

Oh, the places you’ll go or at least get to know with this batch of terms.

firth: a long, narrow indentation of the seacoast.

wynd: a narrow street or alley.

Wind your way down a wynd

peregrinate: to walk or travel by foot; journey.

saltigrade: move by leaping.

Nothing like saltigrade by the sea

natant: swimming.

wampish: to wave about or flop to and fro.

estivate: to spend the summer, as at a specific place or in a certain activity.

Natant, wampish, estivate: water wonderful words

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15 thoughts on “Word Nerd: Places

  1. petespringerauthor on said:

    I knew two of them today; typically, I don’t know any. You must be easing up for the slow kids in your class. 😊

  2. peregrinate has always been a favorite

  3. petespringerauthor on said:

    Wynd and wampish. It’s funny how you can go 63 years without being familiar with a word and then see it twice in one week. I looked up wampish the other day when it was in a book I was reading.

  4. Wampish is the best word, I love it! I am goign to make you I flop around so I can bring it into conversation.

  5. Great words! I didn’t know any of them, but now I wish to saltigrade through life.

  6. Don’t you already 😉

  7. For some reason, I want to speak these words with a Scottish burr. Perhaps because the Firth of Forth instantly came to mind. Ach, I’d love to peregrinate there, to saltigrade along that salty sea and estivate beside its estuaries.

  8. Alan Cummings, perhaps or David Tennant, perhaps?

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