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Word Nerd Confessions: January

Ah, January. Mixed feelings about this calendar month. While I embrace turning the corner into a new year with all that freshness and anticipation that goes with flipping to a new date, I do not embrace how January in our parts is the “definitely winter is here” month. For instance:

Overnight storm compilation. More to come *sigh*

A bit of the doldrums occur in January, what with the cold weather, shorter days, lack of landscape color, and growing stack of assignments to grade as the semester’s close approaches.


This month’s collection of words calls for amusing, or downright quirky lexicon.

1. pawky: cunning, sly

2. pettifog: to bicker or quibble over insignificant matters

3. jactation: boasting; bragging

4. fecund: creative intellectually

5. appellative: a descriptive name as Reepicheep the Valiant

6. orgulous: haughty; proud

7. remora: hindrance or obstacle

8. fulgrant: flashing like lightning

9. omphaloskepsis: contemplating one’s navel

10. daffing: merriment; playful behavior

Hmm, during the remainder of January I shall endeavor to be pawky in how to approach my doldrums in order to avoid fulgrant irritability that leads to pettifog since an abundance of snow is a remora to becoming fecund.Perhaps I shall become so stoic and earn an appellative name: Cricket the Winter Muse, then again that might entail jactation leading to an orgulous reputation. On the other hand excess winter could cause my resolve to slip into dithering and omphaloskepsis.

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13 thoughts on “Word Nerd Confessions: January

  1. I think my favorite, here, is orgulous. I plan to use it this evening, and see what my family’s response is, LOL. Thanks for these. I love them!

  2. How could I have managed so far without pawky or daffing?

  3. I never realised that to contemplate one’s navel is to literally contemplate one’s navel. But omphaloskepsis proves this to be the case.

  4. I’ve seen fecund used but in the more literal way of being physically fertile.

  5. Fun list! Fecund sounds like the opposite of what it actually means.

  6. Christmas is over. I’m ready for spring.

  7. Are you sure you didn’t just make these up, you pawky thing?

  8. I’m happy to be familiar with some of these words. Pawky could be a fun one when in the mood for some hilarious misunderstandings type of amusement.

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