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Debatable Recap: Reeping a Win

February ‘s Debatable topic of “Most Appealing Mouse of Middle Reader Literature” sparked a lively discussion. It appears mice are quite nice in many an opinion. We won’t mention the one dissenting view about mice (which wasn’t very nice at all).

I choose Reepicheep from C.S. Lewis’s Narnia series.

Image result for reepicheep

While Mike nominated Amos from Robert Lawson’s Ben and Me.

Image result for ben and me

After a spirited voting spree, Reepicheep won by a whisker–yes, by one vote. Reep, that mighty warrior mouse valiantly strode forward and claimed his victory.

To be fair, Ben is a great little mouse. In fact, a vote for Ben or a vote for Reepicheep, along with the suggestions for Stuart Little, Bianca, Wilcox and Griswold, Despereaux, Runaway Ralph as considerations, just goes to show that mice are nice. That is, I admit I’m not keen on finding them unexpectedly in my kitchen pantry, but mice truly are winsome little creatures.

Someday I will regale my stories about Hunca Munca and Spot, two truly wondrous mousekins as once valued as pets.

BtW: a hearty congrats to my Debatable chum, Mike, who has just published his own mouse book: Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist.

Stay tuned for the next Debatable…

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20 thoughts on “Debatable Recap: Reeping a Win

  1. I didn’t think to suggest an alternate. Hmmm.
    Just to save our friendship, too: I really like Reepicheep. He is an awesome, brave little mouse. 🐁

  2. My dear Cricket, you’ve captured the most important takeaway of this particular Debatable.

    There’s a reason why “mice” rhymes with “nice.”

  3. Reblogged this on Hey, Look! A Writer Fellow! and commented:
    Ooh, February’s Deabatables was a close one! A sincere congrats to Cricket for the win!

    But, of course, the REAL winner is mousekind. Well done, you cute little buggers! We love you!

    But the

  4. Those mice in Mike’s nice Scamper’s cover look pretty darn cute, too.

  5. There are some pretty awesome little mice in literature. Glad I didn’t vote.. there might have been a tie, then what would you have done? LOL! 😉

  6. I’m always in two minds about Reepicheep, he is by turns comical, and annoyingly comical. Loyal and brave though so he gets a pass.

  7. Hi thanks for possting this

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