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1/50: Bonhoeffer Abridged

It’s January and the month for resolutions, except I’m more for goals than resolutions. They just seem more positive in purpose (“I will get an agent in 2015”). Resolving to do something sounds like I really don’t want to do it, but might as well give it a try (“I resolve to go through the long, painful process of sending out manuscripts and query letters in my search for representation”). Maybe it’s just semantics.

So–one goal I have this year is to keep track of how many books I actually read in a year. Blogger Bud Valerie Lawson got me looking into it on my Good Reads account and I set up my challenge of 50 books. I roughly hit that last year after going through and counting my GR reviews.





As I attempt this challenge I’ll keep track of my numbers as I periodically share some of my reads. Most of my reviews are on my Good Reads account found on the right hand side of the blog. For instance, my first read of the year is by Eric Metaxas. His Bonhoeffer Abridged provides a fascinating overview about the man who did not back down from his beliefs and openly challenged Hitler and the Nazi regime. A more detailed review is found amongst my GR review collection.

Anyone out there up for taking on the Good Reads challenge? How many books do you think you can take on this year?

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9 thoughts on “1/50: Bonhoeffer Abridged

  1. Do children’s books count? Strange as it seems, I am much better at writing something on a regular basis than reading regularly. Yet I catch myself referring back to things I’ve read, and even recommending that others read in the genres in which they write. Oh, physician, heal thyself! I say to myself on those occasions. Any idea what your reading list looks like for the year?

  2. I never read as much as I want to! There’s no way I will read 50 books in a year, more like 20, but I’d LIKE to read 50. Good luck with your challenge.

  3. I’m not taking anyone else’s challenges. I have enough already. But good luck to you!

    And no, it is not semantics. One resolution you have control over, the other is beyond your control.

  4. Bonhoeffer, wow. He was something special!

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