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Costco: Warehouse Candy for Book Boosters

Recently we gifted the youngest progeny with a Costco membership and instead of being thrilled with loading up on cheap eats, he headed for the book aisle, practically leaving a trail of slavering as he beelined over to the miles of titles.

“Mum, look at all these!” he gushed. Looking over from my own browsing I could see him transfixed by a display of author works, the ones with the fancy covers and decorative texts.  The librarian teacher that I am can only smile and hum like llama in my happiness.  It’s so wonderful to have hatched a reader amongst the brood.* Especially since he was a late bloomer in the reading arena.

While I prefer to keep my frequent flyer status at our local library, our youngest dreams of houseplans that include a generous library. “And, of course, I will have you come organize my collection, Mum.” Aah, these are retirement plans in the making.

*the other kiddos are readers too, how could they not be with an English teacher librarian for a Mum? However, this particular kiddo gets as excited about the whole sensory aspect of reading as I do. Is there a book geek gene?

Anyone else hit the book aisle first before launching out to fill their Costco cart? Even before snarfing the vendor snackies?

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4 thoughts on “Costco: Warehouse Candy for Book Boosters

  1. Literally the only reason I have any desire to go to a Costco ever. I love his enthusiasm and I hope that he realizes his aspiration of a most excellent home library. A noble ambition!

  2. Ah yes, although I’m usually in a hurry when I’m at Costco, so lingering isn’t an option.

    • I often find myself casting longing looks as I dash past and then some days I do linger. New books set out spine to spine is like stepping into a spice market, the fragrance of knowledge and escape is too enticing too resist.

  3. I always hit the book aisle at Costco. Just can’t resist. The book aisle, plus Costco’s chocolate tuxedo cake. Mmmm. Chocolate nirvana.

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