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A Bit Amused: The Writer Life

Goal: use the summer to write, write, write.

Reality: hey, I’m on vacation.

These cartoons capture well of where I stand as I waffle between aspiration and perspiration. Has anyone ever mentioned that writing is work?

Writer Cartoon I'm writing a book. Just as soon as I finish this ...
Cartoon: 'The Nine Rs' – TVWriter.Com
Don't end up like this, get help with your dissertation: http ...
Cartoon: 'A Writer's Routine' – TVWriter.Com
13 Best Writer Cartoons images | Writing humor, Writer, Writing life
Later Today | Writers Write

Anyone else find procrastination to be a faithful companion?

ReReReReally Rejected

Starting the month of March with four rejections shadowing me from the last week of February prompts a bit of reflection.

1. Perhaps I should check my email more often. This would prevent rejections from multiplying if left unattended.
2. One rejection is par for the course, two rejections is irritating, three rejections is laughable, four rejections is laughably ridiculous.
3. Repeating “It’s not me being rejected, it’s my writing,” is great only in theory because me I wrote it, right?
4. I’d rather have one big punch than several smacks. A bruise is a bruise.
5. Cheery demeanor: “Well, at least I know now and can move on to submit the piece elsewhere.”
6. Bad attitude: actually I don’t have one–rejections are part of the landscape of writing.
7. Overall takeaway: just one more story I get to store up for when I am keynote speaker at my award acceptance banquet.

Okay–back to updating my submission ledger…

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