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ReReReReally Rejected

Starting the month of March with four rejections shadowing me from the last week of February prompts a bit of reflection.

1. Perhaps I should check my email more often. This would prevent rejections from multiplying if left unattended.
2. One rejection is par for the course, two rejections is irritating, three rejections is laughable, four rejections is laughably ridiculous.
3. Repeating “It’s not me being rejected, it’s my writing,” is great only in theory because me I wrote it, right?
4. I’d rather have one big punch than several smacks. A bruise is a bruise.
5. Cheery demeanor: “Well, at least I know now and can move on to submit the piece elsewhere.”
6. Bad attitude: actually I don’t have one–rejections are part of the landscape of writing.
7. Overall takeaway: just one more story I get to store up for when I am keynote speaker at my award acceptance banquet.

Okay–back to updating my submission ledger…

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12 thoughts on “ReReReReally Rejected

  1. Hang in there. Writing is like art — some people will like it and others won’t.

    Remember J.K. Rowling — her first Harry Potter manuscript got rejected nine times before somebody got smart enough to accept it.

  2. I’m in the querying phase myself, so I share your frustrations. :/

  3. What an annoying way to start the new month! But they are from February so, in fact, behind you. And each rejection is a move closer to an acceptance. An acceptance to something that is the right fit for you. Fingers crossed!

    • Oh, I do like your cheerleading! I have indeed moved past my really rejected state and I am off searching for receptive editors and agents. I’ve been writing too long to let these bumps of distractions stop me from rolling towards success.

  4. I think you should make a list of all the people that have rejected you and then when you get famous you can name and shame them. You will get there, it’s not you or your work, it’s these people that read what you write that’s the problem!

    • I’m trying to keep an open mind about all these rejections accrued over the years, thinking they come from unenlightened perspectives or that my project missed the “list.” It’s become a game of horseshoes, the getting points for getting closer and closer to a ringer.

  5. Did you get all four in one day? ‘Cause if you did, you’ve beaten my record.

  6. February is so passé. March is where it’s at! So, on 3… Forget rejections, come on get cracking! Come on and throw those bad boys away! Forget the naysayers, come on get writing! Get ready for acceptance day!

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