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Yes! Today is the day Someday We Will is released. I am so pleased to share that news with you, readers. Since a book launch party is on hold…for now…

You can celebrate my book’s release my attending my virtual book launch party.

Here are the cupcakes (no worries–there’s more on the back table):

What’s a party without the decorations?

I planned on handing out party favors, which would be bubbles, because that is one of my favorite activities to share with my granddaughter. It’s one of our traditions.

And of course, I would read from my book. I hope this video is the next best thing to being there:

What activities are you looking forward to doing someday with someone you are able to be with right now? Because we have hope that we will someday be together again, hold on to the promise of the somedays to come.

A book launch would have a door prize–an autographed copy of my book, for sure. Since we aren’t together for my book launch I will hold a virtual door prize by having you send me a couple of lines of the someday activity you are looking forward to sharing with that special someone you are separated from at the moment. This is a kid friendly blog, so keep your activities G-rated, please and thank you. I will close submission on April 14th–one week from now. Send in your someday moments before then and I will select from the entries and send out an autographed copy of Someday We Will to you.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you check out my book at or at

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