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Miles Apart? A Gift from the Heart

Not for grandparents only!

Being separated at the holidays is tough, especially for grandparents and grandchildren. I’m not sure when we will be getting together as a family again, and as much as a phone call, Facetime, Google Meet, letters and other communication is handy, it’s not the same. Being safe is important these days. Being separated from loved ones is not getting easier, yet there is hope on the way.

Staying in touch is important

Someday We Will is all about the anticipation of being together once again.

Although aimed for grandparents and grandchildren, it’s a positive message for anyone who looks forward to being with that special person once again.

Counting down the days of being together again

Consider the book as a gift from the heart if you are miles apart from loved ones. Yes, it would be a great Christmas present. Order from any number of online sources if bookstores aren’t on the shopping stop list:


Beaming Books

Enjoy the season, and celebrate your Somedays!

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