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Word Nerds: What’s That You Say?

I appreciate how Mitch Teemley shares quotes of note. Over time I have developed my own quotes which will not be found in print since they exist as passing verbal ideas. They often found their way into my classroom during my years of teaching high school students.

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To get where you are going you have to move.

This one formed out of observation of how some people talk about going places but make no effort in moving in that direction, like those students who wrote their career research papers about becoming doctors (because they wanted to be wealthy), yet didn’t sign up for math or science classes or health occupation courses. This saying also stemmed from being stuck in traffic or trying to get through the hallways during passing period.

A book in hand is a friendship in the making.

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As a Book Booster I enjoy meeting new characters when I open a book, and some characters become lifelong friends whom I visit with, like Scout and Jane Eyre.

Finding a poem that meets your needs is finding a song to sing in your heart when the world seems tuneless.

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A thought that was inspired by April’s month long focus on poetry during National Poetry Month.

If you believe they can fly they will eventually grow wings.

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This came out of a meeting with some special education folk who thought I expected too much of their students.

The worth of a man is measured by the strength of his promise.

A personal belief. A broken promise makes it difficult to trust or believe in a person.

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Finding true friendship is finding a rare flower in life’s garden.

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Life is a garden, yet in any garden there are weeds to contend so when that special flower, that true friend comes along, it’s as special as finding that hidden columbine amidst the crabgrass.

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Knowing the right thing and doing the right thing are two different matters.

I don’t know why, but Abraham Lincoln comes to mind, as well as episodes of Dr. Who.

What we think we know becomes a matter of knowing what we actually think.

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Somewhat of a conundrum. Yet, what we think often becomes our actions, and if we are not sure of what we think than our actions will reflect our thoughts. Still a conundrum, I know.

Do you have sayings that are uniquely yours?

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11 thoughts on “Word Nerds: What’s That You Say?

  1. Wonderful sayings with great rules for navigating life!

  2. petespringerauthor on said:

    Lots of good ones, Pam, but my favorite is, “knowing the right thing and doing the right thing are two different matters.”

    • Definitely a life-lesson-wrapped-up-in-a philosophy quote that a teacher passes on to students. You must have had some handy quotes you pulled up when you were in the classroom.

  3. There are a few things my grand-parents always said that I decided to carry on, if only because it brings them back for a moment or two when I say them.

  4. The one that speaks to me today is: To get to where you are going, you have to move. I’m sure my college-age son will love to hear that one from me, LOL.

  5. Thank you for sharing these! I’ll certainly be integrating a few into my collection. I liked them all, but “a book in hand is a friendship in the making” and “finding a poem that meets your needs is finding a song to sing in your heart when the world seems tuneless” are especially lovely!

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