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Word Nerds: Precise Language

Sometimes we blunder through trying to find that exact word to describe what we are talking about. This list of words provide the exact word for a particular situation.

dorveille: a dreamlike semi-conscious state like when falling asleep or waking up.

foehn: a warm, dry wind coming off a mountain

hyponopedia: learning while asleep through listening to taped recordings

image: mpora

abseil: descending by moving down a steep incline or overhang by using a secured double rope placed around the body

ailurophile: a person who likes cats

cognoscenti: people who possess superior knowledge and understanding of a particular field, especially in the area of fine arts, literature, and fashion.

juku: a school that is attended in addition to regular school as a means of preparing for college entrance examinations

xocolatophobia: an irrational fear of chocolate

dwy: a brief storm accompanied by rain

leveret: a young hare

What word can you now precisely insert into your conversation?

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