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Word Nerd: A Bevy of “S” words

Bobbling through my collection of words I noticed more than a few “S” words and thought a shaking out might be a good idea.

saponify: convert into soap

segue: smoothly transitioning from one thing to another

scholarch: the head of a school

swain: a male admirer

stravage: to wander aimlessly

sinsyne: from that time; since then

sylvan: relating to the woods

Out of all these I do so like stravage, as wandering aimlessly is an enjoyable pastime.

There are benefits to wandering aimlessly, I suppose. Being a person who usually has an agenda, I find the concept of walking without purpose I find it difficult to accept the idea of walking without an aim. Yet, this video provides a convincing persuasion that wandering aimlessly actually has a purpose.

Are you one who wanders with purpose or one who wanders without aim?

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4 thoughts on “Word Nerd: A Bevy of “S” words

  1. Wait, so the Sylvan Learning Center I keep seeing ads for is a company designed to drag kids out into the woods like in a German fairytale?

  2. petespringerauthor on said:

    I think a little bit of stravaging is good for the soul. One of the things I like most about retirement is not having so many commitments and always having to be somewhere at some time.

    • Yes! Not being tied to a timeline is so liberating. I am especially relieved I don’t have to deal with the winter aspect of teaching: icy roads and parking lot. Cozy fire and reading is a fine replacement.

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