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Book BINGO update

My local library, which rates high for coolness, has initiated a summer reading program for adults.

I’m in.

Reading with porpoise

It’s an ocean theme this summer—perfect for beach read opps.

A week into the program and I already have a BINGO! In fact, I was the first patron to turn one in and no one knew what to do with my card.

JUNE BINGO so far:

Read a book by a new to you author
Read while listening to ocean sounds

+ Share BINGO with someone you know (the hubs even checked off a box!)

+ Read for 20 minutes (that’s all?)

Check out and listen to a music album

I turned in my BINGO and being the first patron to do so there was some confusion as what to do with it.

BUT— my entry is in and in August I will find out if I win a prize.

Onward to fulfilling more BOOK BINGOS!

I have three more BINGOs! I am off to the library to turn in my newest card. To get a blackout I am on the search to check out a book about pirates (does Sir Francis Drake count?), a cookbook (hmm–summer salads?), a graphic novel (looking for a redone classic), and I will need to attend a library program (book sale is coming up!), oh, and borrow an e-magazine (not the same as paper, but I’m game).

How is your summer reading going?

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10 thoughts on “Book BINGO update

  1. petespringerauthor on said:

    Pretty soon, you’ll be in the Library Hall of Fame.😊

  2. *Writing* a book about pirates should give me an extra space, I think. Right? Because then I’d have Bingo.

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