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Reader Roundup: May

May proved to be a busy reading month with ten books added to the Reading Challenge. Usually spring weather has settled into spates of rain with mostly sunny days by May. This year April’s rainy days stayed and stayed well into May. Reading became a means of passing the time while waiting for those momentary sunny moments to burst through enough for a walk or try to mitigate the host of weeds cropping up in the yard.

A discovery of new authors and new series is always welcome. These are all 4 and 5 star reads.

Who said libraries are dull?

There’s no body in the library in this mystery just a mystery within a mystery within a mystery. The first mystery is where is the library’s newly purchased prized acquisition? The second mystery being is it stolen or misplaced? And finally, is there a connection between the missing librarian and the missing acquisition?
There are other mysteries such as the secrets that each of librarians harbor. In the center of all of these major and minor mysteries is Liesl Weiss temporarily filling in the enormous shoes of the library director who has suffered a debilitating stroke.
A quirky, refreshing debut that will certainly resonate with bibliophiles.

A history with some mystery

Mystery historical fiction with a memorable heroine is not for everyone, as the reviews indicate. But for those who can see beyond the tropish plot and embrace yet another plucky female sleuth who is resourceful, intelligent, personable, and of course, beautiful, then Maisie Dobbs is a suggested read.
For fans of Mrs. Pollifax and even Nancy Drew.

An adventure of merit

Think graphic novel without the graphics. A conglomeration of characters, situations, and settings with much mystery, adventure, and a touch of romance with splashes of humor.
Warning: a cliffhanger ending (best have the sequel on hand).
For those looking for The Princess Bride or The Invention of Hugo Cabret type of read.

Food and Friends–a great combo

Friendship and food—if this combination appeals to you then do check it out and be prepared for a surprise or two.
Starting out in the usual epistolary novel manner of strangers exchanging letters until a friendship firmly forms, the authors segues into personal, social, political issues representing the sixties that drift into today’s views.
Not being a foodie, the interpersonal aspect of two women different in age, background, and experiences proved quite satisfying.
Recommended for those who enjoyed the Guernsey Literary Sweet Potato Pie book.

Looking forward to end of school and the beginning of summer and all the books yet to read.

Have you read any on this list?

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4 thoughts on “Reader Roundup: May

  1. I miss reading.
    I like how you’ve fairly described them, plus said what sorts of other books they are like.

  2. These look like great choices! I certainly enjoyed Maisie Dobbs some years back.

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