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This is the last week of school and the beginning of my countdown commences for I am retiring from teaching after nearly 20 years of teaching high school English.

It’s a weird feeling indeed.

One of only a couple of teachers retiring this year and the only teacher readily available since the other retiree teaches in an a remote portable, staff continually asks me a variation of the following: “I bet you can’t wait, can you?”

It took me by surprise at first. I like teaching, so I’m a bit saddened to be leaving a profession I enjoy—mostly. There are factors of influence…but onward.

Then, as more people add in with short timer comments, I realize they are desiring they are the ones to be retiring. Vicariously they are projecting their hopes to vamoose onto me.

Rule of 90 prevents many teachers from vacating their classroom. It’s a formula that takes years of service plus age to equal 90. I didn’t start teaching until I was 45, due to my first 15 years being a librarian. I’ll hit what they call “service retirement” first. Sounds a bit like trading out the old refrigerator.

Not feeling quite this despairing, at least most days

More on the countdown later…

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12 thoughts on “Countdown!

  1. petespringerauthor on said:

    I loved my teaching career, but I retired to take care of myself as I had many health issues. I miss the kids, many of my coworkers, and specific aspects of the job, but not the daily grind. Because my wife and I retired when we were relatively young, I felt a strange resentment from some people who wanted to know how I could retire.

    Much luck to you, Pam, and thank you for your years of service in education. It is a noble profession.

    • Health issues are a definite concern, especially in these uncertain days. September will be strange Will I feel guilt, remorse, euphoria?

      • petespringerauthor on said:

        I’m betting a mixture of emotions, but it’s incredibly freeing to wake up happy and relaxed and think, “What shall I do today?” The only ones I’ve seen that don’t adjust to retirement well are those who don’t have any hobbies or interests that fill the void. That has never been a problem for me.

  2. I remember what a thought-provoking time this is, Pam, and I didn’t tell my employer about my decision until after the school year was over. I also got into teaching a bit late in life and only made it to 15 years (not counting my years of teaching in private preschools). I still miss it sometimes, but you’ll have even more time to write, this way!

  3. Oh, Pam! ❤ Congratulations and also bittersweet wishes.

  4. Congrats on the retirement (as bittersweet as it may be). What are your plans for this next chapter?

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