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Film Finds and Redeux

Lately I find myself drifting towards watching movies rather than reading. Having a bit of a brain fizz from teaching this year. It’s been a stressful year, as was the year before, and the one before that one. Reading, my usual standard of decompressing, is not the tonic is once was.

I am turning towards old favorites, movies that make me feel good, or are entertaining or offer a sense of escape. Here are a few that have helped me cope through the odd and strenuous days from teaching, grading, coping with students present and those missing, not to mention coping with parents and policies.

Watch The Prisoner | Prime Video
The Prisoner: I relate to how Patrick McGoohan tries to find answers to the question of “Why Am I Here?” Field of Dreams : Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, Timothy Busfield,  James Earl Jones, Burt Lancaster, Ray Liotta, Frank Whaley, Dwier Brown,  Gaby Hoffman, Phil Alden Robinson, Lawrence Gordon, Charles Gordon, Phil
Field of Dreams: Believing in the impossible is encouraging
The Thin Man' Movies in Order
Thin Man Series: Solving mysteries in a humorous fashion is something I understand as I try to track down missing assignments from missing students.
Mystery!: Cadfael (TV Series 1994–1998) - IMDb
Cadfael: Derek Jacobi as a mystery solving monk from the Middle Ages provided inspiration to making sense of the insensible

Silverado (1985) - IMDb
Silverado: A good laugh, and I need those lately
The Hunger Games (film) - Wikipedia
The Hunger Games series: Katniss is resourceful, loyal, and tenacious. She might consider becoming a teacher.
Watch This: Stranger Than Fiction | Tres Bohemes
Stranger than Fiction: definitely English teacher humor at work here.
Nature | PBS
Animal documentaries are quite soothing and inspiring as critters deal with their environment Western Legends 50 Movie Pack : John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Gene  Autry, Tex Ritter: Movies & TV
I also discovered a 24 hour Western station. There is something satisfying about the good guys getting the bad guys.
Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Book 1: Abadzis, Nick, Scott, Cavan, Mann,  George, Stott, Rachael, Melo, Adriana: 9781785863462: Books
Wouldn’t it be amazing to pop in a time machine and travel to better times, let alone experience new adventures and be home by tea time?

What movies or series do you gravitate towards for escaping or coping?

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10 thoughts on “Film Finds and Redeux

  1. Lots of English or Australian mysteries or family dramas. I DO love The Thin Man movies, as well!

  2. petespringerauthor on said:

    I like the analogy of tracking down students’ assignments to solving mysteries. 🤣 I’ve only seen Field of Dreams, but Stranger than Fiction looks like something I might enjoy.

  3. I love Doctor Who, especially the old series from ’63 to ’89. Twin Peaks is a good one to go to but my absolute favourite is The Mysterious Cities of Gold, a fun cartoon with history and a cracking score.

  4. When the brain and emotions are exhausted, reading can be too challenging. I’ve known many people who’ve lost their ability to read over the past couple of years. I think that’s one of the many reasons why I love middle grade and picture books. I can still read them even if I’m done with the outside world. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to read a few books meant for adults. But I still tend to stay away from the angst-riddled YA. There’s enough angst in the news. RE: your film list. I nodded when I read your comment about Katniss. Yes, that is what it takes, isn’t it. You could add the patience of Job, I’m thinking. Thank you for being a teacher.

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