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Celebrate Grandparents Day!

One of the rewards of being a parent is to become a grandparent!

In fact, my granddaughter is the one who inspired me to write my debut picture book Someday We Will.

I treasured our visits when she was a baby, and then as a toddler, and I would daydream about all the marvelous activities we would share together as she grew older.

I would play with these activities in my head, creating happy little rhymes:

“Someday we will
Fly balloons up to the moon [this one didn’t pass through editing]

Someday we will
Eat dessert first [this one definitely did and is a favorite]

Finally I collected enough rhymes to create a manuscript which I eventually submitted to a publisher specializing in family themes. Andrew DeYoung of Beaming Books enthusiastically and expertly guided me to editing the book into its present form. It has less rhyme and more of a lyrical flow, creating a more resonant text that expresses the joy of being together.

The subtitle: A book for grandparents and grandchildren is a reminder how special that connection is between grandparent and grandchild.

September 13 is National Grandparents Day. Though there might be distance due to our present situation, that connection remains a strong bond.

Celebrate Grandparents Day, knowing Someday We Will be together.

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5 thoughts on “Celebrate Grandparents Day!

  1. Nice. I will share this with my brother who became a grandfather a year ago. It looks like a sweet book, and they are not able to see much of their granddaughter during this time. I also tagged you in a book tag post, but no pressure.

  2. Grandparents, long tme for that for myself I hope but the book is a great acquisition that would do well at some upcoming present giving event which builds up sooner every year.

    • Thanks for your support! I think the book is great for anyone who is distanced from a loved one, yet the publisher thought the grandparents emphasis was a solid selling point. We’ll see!

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