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Word Nerd: May

May’s batch is writerly in scope

Scrolling through my collection of gathered words I noticed several had a shared commonality with books, writing, or reading:

pseudepigraphy: attribution of authorship to a writer who did not write it; false inscription–usually refers to religious writings, as in biblical texts; however, fiction writers such as Nicholas Meyer who states he is the editor of memoirs of John Watson (who recounts cases of Sherlock Holmes).

fictioneer: a writer of fiction; a writer of mediocre fiction–does not sound like a compliment.

bibliophage: an avid reader–yup, although I just say I’m a Book Booster

donnish: bookish; pedantic–again, does not sound complimentary

wordie: someone enthusiastic about words–not to be confused with someone who is “wordy” (a talker of extreme verbosity)

sic: so; thus; as written–[sic] which usually means the writer is saying “that’s what they said; it’s not my mistake.

bromide: a trite saying or an aid to produce sleepiness–if a saying is boring enough I supposed someone would fall asleep

What words strike your fancy from this month’s list?

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11 thoughts on “Word Nerd: May

  1. Fictioneer has sort of a gung-ho feeling to it, like one should add a Hi-yah! each time they declare themselves to be one.

  2. I kinda imagined a Buzz Lightyear figure: “Fictioneer and away!”

  3. Yay, a new Word Nerd post! Except I would have sworn a pseudepigraphy was a spurious autobiography that claims to have been written by a pig.

  4. bibliophage: an avid reader–wow!! I’m SOMETHING!!

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