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The Someday Winner is…

Just in case you missed last week’s announcement:

Keeping the Post Office in business

My debut picture book, Someday We Will, was released April 7th and since holding an actual book launch party proved a bit difficult, I held a virtual party with cupcakes, decorations, bubbles, and a door prize. I even gave a reading.

Someday We Will, is all about that anticipation of being with people we love, like grandparents getting together with their grandchildren. And that’s what prompted me to write the book. When my granddaughter was oh so little, I thought about all those marvelous activities we would share together someday. The book has become quite timely in its arrival. We all are separated from loved ones and there are many activities we long to do someday…

I asked those who came to my party–sorry if you came late, but maybe I can still find you some bubbles since the cupcakes are all gone–to share a someday hope. I received so many hopefuls, I need to share some of them with you:

Mireya wants to walk with Roxy and teach her art to others.

Michele hopes to read with her grandsons, she has a “Nonna’s Book Club.”

Annette (from my awesome local library) can’t wait until I can read my book to a room full of children (neither can I!)

Mitch stepped right up and shared a bounty of someday hopefuls from flying to favorite places, seeing new places, and visiting his daughter.

Jenny shared how Zoe is excited to discover I’m her great aunt.

Bev is looking forward to teaching art to her granddaughters and helping them to write.

Becky wants to build with Legos with her grandson once again.

Elizabeth is set to hug her grandkids again, read to them and blow bubbles with them.

As does Mary, who wants to also blow bubbles with her granddaughter.

There were a few fashionably late arrivals who passed on great someday hopes such as sharing pizza with a mom, hugging neighbors and friends, and even someday attending my next book launch in person.

And then there was Chelsea who chronicles her life with a houseful of boys, runs a really good bad poetry contest, and manages to inject humor into her insights. Here is her someday hope summary–visit last post’s comments for its entirety (you’ll smile and cry at the same time):

Someday I will see my mother. I’ll pile my lively, loud, loving brood into our minivan–not for a ‘drive’ with no destination or a ‘trip’ to the grocery store pickup–but to grandmother’s house we’ll go. [okay, I’m a grandma and I miss my grandkiddo so I’m tearing up–then she clobbers it out of the park after building up how they will drive up to her mother’s house] My mother will open the door, ask,”Oh! Who rang my doorbell? and feign surprise as her grandchildren jump out. Everyone will hug everyone and things will be as if they never were ever different.”

That’s going to be our new happily ever after ending for stories from now on: “Everyone will hug everyone and things will be as if they never were ever different.”

Okay–all your somedays hopes were amazing and I know they will indeed someday be here, yet Chelsea captured the book’s theme of missing special people in our life, and looking forward to fun times, and the feeling of how we are anticipating getting that hug from that someone we love. This is why she won the door prize of an autographed copy of Someday We Will.

So–Chelsea…email me at and we will figure out how to get that book to you.

For those arriving fashionably late, it’s never too late to add to the someday hope list. Leave your someday hope in the comments below, and believe it, someday we will be together again.

Take care–

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7 thoughts on “The Someday Winner is…

  1. Thank you, C’Muse! Perhaps because of all those boys, I missed seeing this post. Thank you for e-mailing me, and for the book!

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