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Word Nerd Confessions: December

‘Tis December and 2019 is rapidly diminishing. Time to air out the Word Bin and see what needs clearing out to make room for next year’s batch of dictionary delights.

1. nugacity: triviality; insignificance

2. librate: to remain poised or balanced

3. neoteric: new or recent

4. facetiae: witty or amusing remarks or writing

5. obscurantism: the opposition of the spread of knowledge

6. anthophobia: an unnatural fear of flowers

7. frisson: a sudden thrill of emotion

8. guddle: to catch a fish with one’s hands in a river or stream

9. bombinate: to make a humming or buzzing noise

10. perspicacity: a keenness of mental perception

11. alameda: a public walk shaded with trees

12. otiose: indolent; idle; being at ease

13. Delphic: obscure; ambiguous

14. nebulated: having distinct markings as in a bird or animal

15. orgulous: haughty or proud

Now that the Word Bin is a bit tidier I look forward to filling it full once again. Honestly, I’m not sure how some of these words snuck into the company of the others. Guddle? Librate? Frisson? Not sure when those will come up in conversation. Then one never knows. Excuse me while I go chase down these liberated diction.

Come back…I didn’t mean it…

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11 thoughts on “Word Nerd Confessions: December

  1. Great selection of words, Pam! I’ve actually seen “frisson” used a few times in mysteries, such as, “He felt a frisson of fear at the sound of footsteps from above.”

  2. Alameda is a lovely word!

  3. Oh, Pam, didn’t you ever frisson as you librated intently while waiting with excitement for the fish to swim within reach so you could guddle a few of them. 😀

  4. Guddle is a brilliant word. I love ogrulous as well but Delphic has to be the pick of the bunch, ambiguous indeed were those oracles.

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