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Shakespeare Celeb: Here’s Looking At You, Bill

So much is focused on what Shakespeare wrote. Lots of kerfuffle if he actually wrote what he wrote. Mmm, not going there. Instead–

Isn’t anyone curious what he looked like?

Here are the traditional portraits:

Image result for traditional portraits of Shakespeare


And the not so traditional portraits:


Image result for non traditional portraits of ShakespeareImage result for modern portraits of Shakespeare

Related image

Image result for modern portraits of Shakespeare    Image result for modern IMAGES of Shakespeare

I honestly think old Ben Jonson had it spot on when he said Shakespeare was for all time. Shakespeare would fit in well today with his styling soul patch, facial trim, and flowing curls with dome. The pumpkin pants are a no go though. Same for the neck ruff. Only cats recovering from nasty bouts with other cats should wear those.

For the more academic aspect of Shakespeare portraiture, tune in here.



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12 thoughts on “Shakespeare Celeb: Here’s Looking At You, Bill

  1. That neck ruff . . . clothing from days gone by we DON’T want to bring back?

  2. I didn’t know, Billy was a tatted up hipster barista.

    I love this blog; it’s so educational!

  3. Love these modern-day interpretations of the Bard!

  4. He’d probably be a rapper too, dropping dope rhymes and that sort of thing. He’d love it, and would once again revolutionise the use of language.

  5. I love the tattooed version! What a champ 😀 He’d totally be down with the kids.

  6. Haha. I love the gangsta one with the tattoos.

  7. I much prefer the non-traditional ones hah.

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