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November Debatable: Hot Air Argument

With Thanksgiving ads beckoning us to ready for the annual rite of feasting with friends and family, it seemed appropriate to center our monthly debate on another annual tradition, Macy’s Parade.

More specifically, we take on which kid lit character should become the next parade balloon.

I’m going for Tigger.

It’s a natural choice–right?

Mike is going for Peter from The Snowy Day. Cute, but not as uplifting as Tigger.

So–make your way over to Mike Allegra’s site and weigh in your thoughts and send up your vote.

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7 thoughts on “November Debatable: Hot Air Argument

  1. Sorry Mike… again I have to be with Cricket on this one. 1. EVERYONE knows who Tigger is and he is fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! I love Tigger because we always called our daughter Tigger! She was the only one! LOL! 2. There shouldn’t be a “political statement” in the parade. Although I sympathize with your argument, Macy’s Tday parade is not the place for it.
    So.. my vote goes to Cricket once again! 😚

    ps I am posting this on both blogs! 😉

  2. Poor Rabbit doesn’t find Tigger all that fun! And Eeyore’s house is always trashed by Fun Tigger. That guy is a bad friend.

    • You need to watch more Tigger episodes. He saves Eeyore AND Rabbit realizes how wonderful Tigger is. Dontcha be speaking smack about my bouncy boy.

      • The Milne Tigger is adorable in design and endearing in persoality. Disney’s Tigger on the other hand…

        The House of Mouse has a bad habit of unfavorably Americanizing perfectly fine British characters. When they keep the characters’ nationalities intact (i.e. The Wind in the Willows), the results are often wonderful.

      • Okay then, read more Tigger. Actually, you’re kind of a Tigger. You do know this, don’t you? Rather annoying but irrepressible at the same time.

  3. And, Cricket, I love that Peter GIF!

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