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A Shout Out for Leisurely Reading

After Tuesday June 12th my door to summer vacation fully opened. “I have no definite plans,” is my reply when asked, “What are you doing over the summer?”

I don’t know what the reaction would be if I gave an honest answer. You see as a Book Booster, I love reading ❤️ with big hearts of appreciation for the absolute joy books bring.

Reading through my subscribed blogs, I hang out with a plethora of other WordPress bloggers who love reading also, such as littlemisswoodsreads. Scrolling through her reasons for reading, I added my own for why I love to read. It has to do with reconnecting.

Even though the majority of my day is interacting with my students, I do spend a considerable amount of time with the computer. Grading, emails, lesson plans, PPT lecture enhancements are all part of the day. By the time I get home I am wanting a break from screens and keyboards.

After a brief walk around the block to get my physical reboot, I head for my library book bag, grab a selection, and find a comfy chair. Reading helps my mind unwind.

After an hour or so I begin to feel back in alignment: my body is tuned from its walk, and my mind has gone through its paces with a chapter or three.

Reading, paper in hand, both stimulates and relaxes my brain after a day of working with the computer screen. Kindle doesn’t cut it since glass doesn’t stimulate connectivity to the brain. Good old paper in hand. A prescription for defragmentation of tech stress.

To celebrate my kick off to summer reading, I am rebooting my Book Boosters feature. Click on the link and connect with other readers, find that simpatico, discover new blogs, collect my TBRs. Add your name in comments if you want to join the list of fellow love-books-readers.

Oh I do love my summertime of leisurely reading.

How about you–what books do you find yourself reading during the summer? Do you have special places, special times set aside for reading?

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11 thoughts on “A Shout Out for Leisurely Reading

  1. Sigh. I, too, just love a summer of reading. ❤

  2. I read in bed, which I know you’re not supposed to do, but it’s just so gol-durned comfy in there! And if my mind gets a little to sleepy before I put the book down for the night, what’s the harm in rereading a few pages before the bookmark? (It’s just like one of those “Last week on Breaking Bad…” type things.” It’s a fine little memory jog.)

    Now who is LittleMissWoodsReads? How about a link so I can enjoy her bloggy work, too?

  3. Right now, I’m reading a slim novel called “Passing,” by Nella Larsen. It was published in 1929, and is a fascinating study in race and color. Have you read it?

  4. I used to be a ‘method reader’ reading books according to weather, books about Africa in Summer, Russia in winter and other such clichés but now there is only summer and the rainy season I will need to revise that. I just read at home these days as it is not the safest walking next to the roads here and I am too tight to use the crazy public transport.

    I checked out the link, it’s good to see some familiar names and a lot whom I haven’t visited, or not done so in a while.

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