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Grrs and Grreats: Round Two

A while back I posted a list of things that irritated me. Wanting to balance that negativity, I found a positive for that irritant, turning a “grrumble” into a “grreat.” I hoped to change my attitude of complaint into a more joyful outlook.

Well–life does continue, and old habits are often difficult to break. A running account of grrumbles has been creeping into my thoughts, and today, a day of Thanksgiving, seemed an appropriate time to get the balance sheet out.


  • People who don’t turn on their headlights, especially when they drive a dark car on a dark day.


  • People who courteously flick their lights to remind me I have forgotten to turn my lights on.


  • The books that I have marked to read from my review newsletters aren’t carried at my library.


  • When I request the title as an inter-library loan, often the library buys it for their collection.


  • It takes three months to lose two pounds, but I can gain four pounds over one weekend.


  • I got a good deal at the local gym by paying in advance six months.


  • Students who don’t care about their learning experience and create havoc with their grades and attitude.


  • Those students who give back to school with participation in academics and extra-curricular efforts.


  • Commercial Christmas emphasis before Thanksgiving. Especially before Halloween.


  • Colossians 3:12-17


  • Daylight Saving Time.


  • Still working on that one. Oh–Happy Lights!

Finding a bit of light when it’s gloomy is not always easy, yet I have to remind myself a rainbow is the result of rain mixed with sun and this reminds me to be thankful and find a way to have an attitude of gratitude no matter how grrumbly I might be feeling.

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