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Simon and Garfunkel may have considered darkness their old friend, but I am daylight oriented. When  we roll into Daylight Saving Time each year I get feeling a bit bruised– afternoons disappearing into instant inky black evenings leaves me blue.

This definitely affects my writerly creativity as I mainly want to curl up in my lounger with a cup of cocoa and a book, hibernating until spring returns with its fair portions of sunlight. Good thing I have lots of editing to do because new ideas are hibernating.

As I write this I’ve got my Happy Light on and my vitamin D waiting in the cupboard. I should play George Harrison’s ditty in the morning as my wake up time tune. The positive belief that the sun is soon to come along might pep me up. Winter is not my season. 

No, I’m not a fan of snow either–that’s a whole nother post.

Anyone else having Daylight Saving Time Post Trauma?

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