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A Post About Something I Remembered About Memory Loss…I Think

Memory loss. It’s really become apparent I’m losing it. Yes, I’m losing my memory. And I don’t consider myself that old–at least I don’t think I’m old enough to be losing it, at least not completely. It’s not like I had a huge memory reserve on hand. I am and have remained absolutely terrible at memorizing words. I gave up thoughts of trying the stage, because memorizing my lines prived akin to storing apple cider in a sieve. I have given up on dazzling people with my ability to quote Shakespearean sonnets and lines from Hamlet, because it’s not and has yet to happen. I’ve accepted that part of life. Yet, lately I’ve had times when I’m staring out the copy machine and for all the tea in China–make that all the chocolate in Willy Wonka’s factory–I can’t remember my code. Yeah, the one I’ve used practically everyday for the past five years at school. *sigh*

Fortunately, a Ted Talk on memory loss popped into my email box before I began the search for a comfortable home for worn out teachers. I will go with the one with the birdfeeders outside the window. Nice Care will have to wait, because Ted and his Talk has confirmed that I’m losing it because I’m stressed out and trying to survive. Who thought teaching would rob my brain of trying to remember stuff?

If you are beginning to lose it, check out this Ted Talk. I feel much better about losing my memory. Wait, did I already post this blog earlier?

image: morguefile/dodgerton skillhouse My memory card is crashing…

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10 thoughts on “A Post About Something I Remembered About Memory Loss…I Think

  1. This is something that many worry about…sigh

  2. That was a great Ted Talk!

    At least I think it was.

    Hold on. I better see it again.

    Yes. It was great.

  3. I will be checking out that Ted Talk right away. I’ve always had an excellent long term memory for random things, faces, and names. If you see some two-bit actor in something and can’t recall what other obscure film you’ve seen them in, I’ll probably be able to solve the problem. Most of the time. Short term memory on the other hand….it’s terrible and it’s getting worse. And I’m definitely not at a point in my life that it should be deteriorating. Sometimes I’ll print something and then ten minutes be sitting at my desk with the printed piece of paper in front of me, with zero recollection of getting up and walking to the copier to grab it. That’s a worry… Or maybe just an auto-pilot kind of thing.

    Anyway. Ted Talk. I’ll be watching.

  4. This was a great post. I think my smartphone has prevented me from maintaining the techniques I used to use to remember things. I have 3 kids and work full time, and I get so many emails, that I immediately press the link and it automatically goes to my phone/Ipad/Macbook calendar. No matter what device I’m on I will be reminded. The stress of not remembering adds to the stress of everday life, lol. I think my brain has gotten so lazy.

    Naomi of

  5. Wait–isn’t Ted that talking bear? He is no help. Be like Arlo and follow the river.

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