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Still Waiting on the Platform

About four years ago at a writing conference the buzz word was “platform-building.” I diligently built a platform with this blog you are reading after much searching, deciding, redeciding, and procrastinating. Now, I wonder why I waited so long. I’m a weak writer if I don’t post at least every seven days. (hahaha–right?)

Seriously though, I’m waiting for that Costner moment, when the headlights of the fans come trailing down the road to my baseball field. Metaphor insert.  Build the platform and all sorts of fans drop in and rave–I think that’s what’s supposed to happen.

It hasn’t, and I’m okay with that, because, quite frankly, I’m still waiting to get published. Wait, am  I supposed to write the book before or after I build the platform?

I’m learning that to be really successful as a writer, I need to multi-platform. I doubt I’m up for Twittering, Instagramming, Pintresting and the like. I manage to keep up with my blog and I’m really, really okay with that. I’m into the keep it simple approach. I’d be really, really, really be happy with publishing my book and sit back and let people buy it because it’s that good. Harper Lee did that, didn’t she?

I did find this snifty article about what are impressive stats for platforming.  I’m now depressed. My platform stats only impress me. Maybe I should give out coupons with every new follower. Or have a Happy Face counter for every view I receive. Does that actually mean something though? Instead of worrying about the effectiveness of tossing my writing out to the social media winds, I would rather concentrate on writing an amazing book. Wouldn’t that be more effective in connecting with readers? Or do the amount of likes and follows indicate whether I am an effective writer?

 Maybe I will get back to writing that novel and not worry about my blog stats.

By the way, if you decide to follow my blog, here is your coupon.


If you viewed it, here is your smiley face (with a bit of its history).



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6 thoughts on “Still Waiting on the Platform

  1. I am with you on this post. I’ve learned to blog simply because I like it, to write because I like to. For me, and hopefully for the few who will read me. Don’t stop writing.


    Curtiss Ann Matlock website/blog

    Love in a Small Town Mary in Color


  2. truth! so much more important to focus on the writing – although the platform is necessary – i get that. keep on your path. 🙂

  3. Platform building is all well and good but I think forging friendships and networking with people who will give you honest opinions and give regular visits is much better. I used to be obsessed with stats but have never got anywhere near even 3000 a month, let alone 20000. I think you’re on the right track, well until you win the lottery and can spend all of your time writing and networking.

  4. I don’t know about your other followers but I am here to rave about your posts. Wooo!

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