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And let the muse sing out…

Aah, April begineth. Spring will dance away the last regrets of winter’s sorrows and soon a cascade of sunny skies, with the intermittent showers of replenishing, will replace snow and cold. Again….aah…

Another aah of April is National Poetry Month. This year my focus shall be a mix of poets known, but not so much the dusty “mustwe” reads required from school days. Tosh. I wouldn’t doit toyou. I shall endeavor to bring forth new-to-you poems, or at least freshen your memory with some choice versey morsels of rhyme and rhythm.

The first poem is one that celebrates finding a new poet. Due to copyright permission details I will ask that you click on the approved link, enjoy, and return for chatty thoughts.


Finding a new poet. That is as special as discovering a new gelato flavor. Mmmm, I discovered lemon biscotti not too long ago. Tart and sweet and creamy. Never mind the calories. It’s worth the extra mile I’ll walk to burn them off.

poetry and gelato do seem to go together… image:

Hoping you’ll discover some new poets and renew your acquaintance with a few favorites.

Happy Poetry Month!

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6 thoughts on “And let the muse sing out…

  1. Yay for poetry, it is very underrated by the general masses, I myself find it hard to read a book of poetry as I’m prone to read straight through like an out of control poetry fan, I suppose it’s okay for Danté, Ovid and such like though. I am looking for a book on John Taylor, the water poet this month.

    • Not familiar with John Taylor. I subscribe to two separate poem services which is helping me to appreciate poetry and the variety of today’s poets. Gotta stretch beyond my Emily mode.

      • John Taylor was known as the water poet, he would ferry people across the Thames and he was a prolific writer, so much so he would write by subscription and produced a lot of books that way. He is also known for being a bit eccentric making journeys in paper boats using fish ties to sticks for oars. What a guy!

      • Well, I will definitely be looking him up. *scampering off to Internet*

  2. Gelato makes my muse sing.

    Or, at least it makes ME sing — which is good enough as long as I get me some dang gelato.


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