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Blog spotlight:Letizia

Letizia’s banner image invites readers to open a book and fall in love with reading


Book Boosters are those who place reading right up there with breathing. Yup, for some, reading and breathing is pretty essential  Letizia is definitely  a Book Booster because she reads , reads, reads. Pop onto her “About Me” page and this is what you’ll find:

I read in cafes, in my garden, in buses, in airplanes, at the kitchen table, at work, in parks, in bed, in the tub, in the doctor’s waiting room, in hotel lobbies, in trains, in restaurants, waiting for the electrician, during a snowstorm, and when I can’t sleep. I still haven’t mastered the art of walking and reading without looking up from my book, but I hope to one day.

university professor, translator, editor, workshop coordinator (and lover of all dogs!)

languages: French, English, Italian, some Portuguese


Her posts are thoughtful and thought-provoking. Take for instance her post on last sentences. In a playful interactive manner she encourages her readers to grab their fave novel and look up the last sentence and reflect upon it. I pulled out my beloved To Kill a Mockingbird, the 1960 issue with the nondescript green tree branch on brown background cover (talk about don’t judge a book by its cover). Letizia’s little exercise reminded me why I adore Harper Lee’s novel and why it is so enduring. This is why I follow her. And I hope you will too.

As a blogger, I always appreciate responses to my own posts, and Letizia faithfully adds her comments.  We all appreciate comments, don’t we?

Thanks, Letizia for your Book Boostering, comments, and worthwhile posting.



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12 thoughts on “Blog spotlight:Letizia

  1. You highlighting my blog means a lot to me because you are such a careful, voracious (I remember you telling me that everyone always says you are a ‘voracious’ reader, haha) reader. You obviously love and value the written word which is why I value your own blog and having you visit mine. Thanks again!

  2. Amen to what you say about Letizia! The both of you have excellent blogs that I look forward to visiting! Thanks!

  3. Ah, yes, Letizia. As a fellow book lover, her blog is one of my favorites, too.

  4. Letizia ‘s blog is excellent… Worth reading!…
    Thanks for sharing and best wishes, Aquileana 😀

  5. Yes, I think Letizia’s blog is wonderful too! I always find her concepts so original. Thanks for giving her the spotlight here and I am excited to find this new blog too!

  6. I was a fan of Letizia’s blog before Cricket officially made it cool.

  7. I couldn’t agree more, a fantastic blog and a wonderful person, you have great taste in blogs!

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