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Oh the Wonderful World of Disney Classics

Writing about Reading Rainbow made me think how fortunate I am to have grown up with the real Disney. The one where Walt would step out from his desk and spin a little introduction relating to the feature presentation. Tom Hanks in Saving Mr. Banksgot it down pretty well.

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image: What a wonderful world

Sundays nights I would look forward to whatever presentation Uncle Walt had for us to watch.  There was always a variety ranging from live action movies with top actors of the day to mesmerizing and delightful animated shows (my favorite).

With the advent of packaged programming I was able to introduce my own kiddos to the Disney treasures through the thoughtful purchasing practices of our local library. Presented as Walt Disney Treasures, these are samples of Disney’s live action best. Even though the kiddos are grown up and gone, the MEPA and I don’t mind checking out one of the treasures for our nightly movie watch.  Disney didn’t cut corners on production. The acting and scripts were always prime and still hold up well after all these years.

Do you remember Disney? Better yet, anyone come across the re-released treasures?

A couple of Treasure favorites so far:


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5 thoughts on “Oh the Wonderful World of Disney Classics

  1. Oh, Pam, you so often bring up subject matter I simply canNOT resist! 😀 I am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Disney fan. My first (and mostly personal) email has Disney in the screenname 🙂 Anyone who knows me knows my love for all the man inspired. My greatest loves were the animated classics: “Snow White,” “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty,” etc., then the newer generation of full feature animation. The LIVE-action didn’t always grab me the same way, except for ones like “Mary Poppins” (oh, do I love “Saving Mr. Banks”!!!). I saw that when it was first released and was showing at Radio City Music Hall. I’ll never forget the experience and I played my LP soundtrack repeatedly!

    I belong to the Disney Movie Club, but have pretty much all of them. I can’t afford to buy more at the moment, but know I’ll add to my already full collection. And, a little tidbit: I’ve been doing face painting for over 20 years now. I have the music collections and made a 90-minute CD of my favorites. That’s the music I play every time I have a gig that doesn’t have music and, without fail, everyone loves the music! 😀

    So, do I remember Disney?! You betcha! The man and all this imagineers and everyone he worked with, are my MUSE! 😀

    • The original Disney changed it for the better, didn’t he?

      • I think Walt Disney, through his intentions, inventions and what he accomplished, gave the world invaluable gifts. I will always be in awe that way. A lot of great stuff keeps coming through the organization, but I do think there are things that would have never gotten the Disney “stamp of approval” if he were still at the helm. Once a movie was made about a wealthy man and a prostitute, a tarnishing effect began. At least in my opinion.

      • Bette Midler who starred in a Touchstone film, a Disney brand, once stated she doubted Walt would have even let her on the lot.

      • I didn’t know that! She’s an amazing talent, but considering the content of a lot of what she did (her stage shows), I can’t help but agree with her! The barometer of appropriateness has certainly shifted, certainly since the 50s and 6os and keeps on going. It’s one of the many things in our world that continues to reel downward, out of control.Well, at least how I see it. And I don’t want this uplifting post to head downhill now! lol

        I ADORE virtually everything created by Walt Disney and his many cohorts through some of the great talents today 🙂

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