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Writing Goals *lol*

  1. Trying to create and stick to the writing goals I created earlier this year is like trying to  free throw a basketball into a Dixie cup 300 feet away. Or if you substitute “goals” for “deadlines” in this choice quote, it’s the same idea.
    I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. Douglas Adams English humorist & science fiction novelist (1952 – 2001)
    Actually there is no subsequent number of reasons of why I Laugh Out Loud when it comes to setting writing goals. It’s ridiculous that I even try. Every June once school is out I say, “Wow! I’ve got all this time to get some serious writing done now. Hah! and double Hah!! It’s summer, baby–time to play in the sun, get those house projects done, squeeze out some fun. Oh yeah, writing goals…
    I started out well. My basic goal was to get at least two projects sent out to an editor/agent/publisher every week.  It lasted about two weeks.  I tried this goal because I did manage to do so at one point in life.  I had about 20 projects floating out there in publishingland limbo at one point.  I was playing the odds that at least one project would make it.  Kind of like Charlie and the Golden Ticket syndrome (all I need is one to get me in!) Unlike Charlie who had to eat chocolate to obtain his ticket, I had to either paste on stamps or hit sent. Neither option proved tasty, but as I recall I did have a couple of projects get greenlit for publication which resulted in some greenbacks. I probably bought a chocolate bar to celebrate.
    After Labor Day weekend I return to teaching, which means not so much time for writing.  The two-project-a-week writing goal went to the wayside. I did get two projects published (with payment), so it looks like the results were the same. Even though I’m resuming my day job maybe I can squeeze in the goal of one project submitted somewhere to somebody once every other week.
    Hmm, that whoosing sound seems to becoming louder.
    I’m going for the chocolate. Golden ticket or not.

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8 thoughts on “Writing Goals *lol*

  1. Go for it! And who knows…maybe the chocolate will be a source of inspiration.

  2. Perhaps if you get into character and eat watered down cabbage soup, live with loads of other people in a rickety house and then wish really hard then it will happen. I think I read that once somewhere…

  3. i love that adams quote – so very me. did you sneak in there somewhere that you got some things published? that’s huge! congrats on that. as far as the rest of the year goes, as my wise mentor says, if you must write, if you can’t give it up, you will find the time to write. she’s kind of pushy in a very no excuses motivating way.

    • Yeah, a couple of things did get published–a book review (paid this time!), and a upcoming article in a local magazine.
      Our regional SCBWI conference is happening in a couple of weeks and I am submitting a chapter of my middle grade novel and hoping to get a first pages reading of my latest picture book manuscript. It’s hard to get the energy going to write with school started up again! But I do love the hi, ho, hi, ho 🙂

      • yay, published and yay, paid! glad you’re keeping active with the scbwi stuff even with your busy schedule. so many in our group are teachers or former teachers so i totally understand the balancing act. won’t it be nice when we are finally paid enough just to write all day? daydreaming is nice.

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