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Greedy or Needy?

With school about to start I’m ignoring some areas of my life  (housework: wow, is that dust thick or what) and going into overdrive in others (library browsing:l’ll take that one and that one, and this one too). I can easily ignore cleaning, cooking, gardening, even writing knowing I have only a week or so left to read at leisure

Reading at leisure. That grand and glorious luxury of picking up a book anytime during the day or night and divulging in a session of indulgence. I’m on a zero pressure schedule currently. At least for now. After September 3rd I begin the nine month marathon once again and my leisure time gets yanked, oh so cruelly, away and becomes dry docked until further notice.

So, is it greed or need that I’m currently reading five, or is that six, books at present?

  • The Notebooks of Da Vinci–inquiring minds must know
  • Miners and Travelers Guide by John Mullan–research
  • The History of Idaho Territory–research, but Idaho is an underrated state
  • Edna and John–a love story of sorts from the 1860 Idaho Gold Rush days
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde–been on my NTR list for some time now
  • The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister–fave librarian ET handed me this and said “read this” and so I am–I forcibly have to stop myself from reading it so I can get at least a little something done it’s so good!
  • Oh, then there is the assorted magazines like my newest Writer and stack of freebies one of my writer group cohorts passed my way.

So the prognosis is? Well, self diagnosis is that I’m leaning towards reading for my current writing project (fictional novel set in the Idaho Gold Rush days), but I’m slipping in some goodtime reads (although Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde is not exactly Mr. Goodtime). Reading my Need-tos and slipping in my Greed-toos–isn’t that similar to a bite of beans along with my chocolate pudding (who says dessert must wait?)

Anyone else out there try to find a balance between Need to Read and Greedy Reading? As long as we are reading it’s all good, right?

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5 thoughts on “Greedy or Needy?

  1. Leisure time? Whazzat? 😉

    Setting a novel in the Idaho Gold Rush days sounds intriguing. Please post more about that later!

    • I’m madly trying to edit it to get ready for a workshop that I probably can’t go to since it’s the same week as parent-teacher conferences. I anticipate a frowny face from my principal about asking for the time off…

  2. Well my library doesn’t help by allowing each borrower to have out 40 books at a time, most of them on a 1 month loan. I can’t imagine any scenario when I would want 40 books sitting there – a different proposition if I owned them

  3. At least there is a limit! One library I worked at did not have a limit and we had a parent who would check out 100 picture books every two weeks. Sigh–is there such a thing as overwhelmingly being too interested in getting your kid to love books at an early age?

  4. I’m definitely way in over my head with books. Books I bought (months ago, and never got to read), e-ARC’s I’ve requested from Netgalley and book review requests that I accept, knowing I already have too much. It never ends, and yeah it’s probably greed, because i don’t NEED more books 🙂

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