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Romeo and Juliet Stories

Mass-produced colour photolithography on paper...

Mass-produced colour photolithography on paper for Toy Theatre; Romeo and Juliet (background and surroundings removed) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Soon I will be introducing my students to Shakespeare through Romeo and Juliet.  It’s a timeless story repeated throughout literature and film.  Two lovers not meant to be together yet drawn to love one another regardless of their circumstances.  I didn’t realize how strong that story line ran until I watched Lorna Doone the other night.  And there it was right before me–John Ridd and his pure love for Lorna Doone.  Such a gorgeous love story.  I then began to think about all about the other Romeo and Juliet stories I’ve come across without realizing it.  Some end happily and others do not.  It’s the telling of the two hearts intertwined that makes the story so memorable. I do believe the world has been made a bit lovelier for the joy that comes from the sorrow that happens when two hearts are kept apart because it is so wonderful when those hearts do find their way to be together after all.

A handful of Romeo and Juliet themes:

Lorna Doone


The Summer of My German Soldier


Tristan and Isolde


Pyramus and Thisbe


West Side Story

I am looking forward to the upcoming release of Romeo and Juliet starring the lovely Hailee Steinfeld, nominated for her role in True Grit. There are many  Romeo and Juliet versions, yet I am hopeful this new version will be a standout. The depth Ms. Steinfeld brought to the role as Mattie Ross, she will, I hope, bring as Juliet, for a Romeo does need his inspiration.

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7 thoughts on “Romeo and Juliet Stories

  1. It makes for a much better story when the two main love interests have something to fight against. Sometimes what they battle is inside them (overcoming a flaw in their character, for example) and sometimes it’s an exterior battle (their families trying to keep them apart). Maybe this is the essence of all good love stories?

    • Excellent thought. It seems most of the conflict stems from tradition. The cartoon Gnomeo and Juliet brought it down to the basics: red and blue gnomes have always fought. So do our intrepid little gnomes go with tradition or fight for their own love?

  2. Tristian and Isolde seemed a lot less dramatic as written by Mallory, but still entertaining. I shall have to watch the film now. Such a timeless story recreated is a testament to the power of love.

    • Having watched the movie I need to read the actual story for comparison. It always struck me as too tragic, yet the movie emphasized the purity of their love.

      • if remember rightly and it was a while ago now, there was a lot of emphasis put on loss and yearning than the love itself, but still a good read. The whole of Le Morte D’Arthur is a great read if slightly repetitive, there is only so many times you can smite someone with a dolorous blow I find.

  3. Mark on said:

    just fyi, Pyramus and Thisbe was written before Shakespears Romeo and Juliet 😉 you should mention that if not done already. Thanks for the alternative stories/movies 🙂 cheers

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