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Library Workouts

Although I once worked for a time in a county library I can’t remember feeling worn out by the work, it’s not like my duties were terribly physical.  Shelving books, pushing carts, lifting a box now and then didn’t fatigue me much, and the duties hardly put me in the best of physical of condition since most of the job meant sitting down while doling out books.  I wish I had known about this workout tape. My goodness, I might have become the epitome of physical fit librarians.

Betty Glover might be the Jane Fonda of the book set!

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6 thoughts on “Library Workouts

  1. The library I work in is situated in an international sports ground, so I get lots of opportunities to work out. I’ll keep this though in case I ever change jobs.

  2. That is way too funny! I once worked in a library as technical support – if only I had known all these routines back then I would still be superman 😉

  3. I didn’t know Van Halen made 78s!

  4. Sounds like librarians have lots of opportunities for fitness! 😉

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