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Bookmarks Past and Present

It’s not often I read a book in one sitting, and finding a bookmark is often a necessity that leaves me in a bit of a flummox.  I try to keep one consistent bookmark, yet that seem to evaporate.  My current favorite is a ticket from a vacation spent in Seattle.  I have attached good memories to the stub and combined with a good read it’s a double pleasure.  I’ve managed to keep hold of it since summer.  It might just be a record.

Bookmarks come and gone:

  • paper scraps:
  • napkins
  • yarn
  • pens, pencils
  • odd bits: flashlights, calculators, television remotes
  • Then there are the bookmarks that are actually bookmarks. The MEPA has provided the niftiest magnetic bookmarks.  The library seems to collect them more than I–they have reminded me more than once that I have left them once again in a book returned to them.
  • What about your bookmarks?  Any oddities or favorites to share?

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6 thoughts on “Bookmarks Past and Present

  1. Elise on said:

    I can attest to the fact that a lot of library patrons use toilet paper as book markers.

    • Don’t think I want to go there with that one. I do remember finding a $50 bookmark. The patron did come back for it. Another chapter for the librarian book, eh? “Things found in books…”

  2. I showed my love for bookmarks a while back:

    In fact if I buy anymore, I’ll have to find a new receptacle for them!

    If you’re in need of a good bookmark, why don’t you enter my competition:

    The winner and two runner-ups get a bookmark – perhaps if you win I can find you one of those handy magnetic ones, or some such thing that’s tricky to lose 🙂

  3. oh, i have so done that in a pinch! *blushes*

    i’ve also used dollar bills, receipts, post its, and now my latest favorite idea came from my husband. on our last vacation he bought several artsy postcards in a bookstore that are the best bookmarks i’ve ever used. they stand up to a lot of abuse and are harder to lose. plus they are more aesthetically pleasing than toilet paper.

  4. I like the idea of the postcards . But bookmark mishaps do happen. I was coming out of my house one day when an unknown man walking past asked me if I had paid my bridge dues yet. Turned out I had used an envelope addressed to me as a bookmark in a library book and it had gone unnoticed in the library until a new borrower took out the book. The envelope had also been used for a shopping list and a reminder to pay my bridge dues ! I check my library books carefully now !

  5. Oh my! That would be embarrassing–a little creepy too. I’ll be double checking mine from now on!

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