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Honk If You Love Books

That’s right…Honk if you love Books!

Passing through a town I spotted this in a parking lot:

And what made it extra delightful was how a Goodwill store  was just one parking lot over, a bit of  a conceptual juxtaposition tickle to see a promotion to recycle used reads instead of used clothing and sundries, a new way of thinking against the standard. I looked up the site and discovered a few things from their FAQs:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Discover Books? Discover Books is a for-profit corporation with a social mission.  They are in the business of collecting used books from thrift stores, library discards, residential curbside pickups and collection boxes located throughout North America.  They sell used books online at discounted prices to be read again, or donate them to literacy-based or community service organizations greatly in need of free reading materials. When books cannot be sold or donated, they are recycled, diverting millions of pounds of books from landfills each year.
What will happen to the books placed in my hosted bin? The books placed in the collection boxes have always followed three pathways: they are resold to other readers, donated to children, families and literacy organizations in need, or responsibly recycled.  This has always been the case and will not change.  If you would like to talk to a Discover Books representative to learn more, please email us at or call us toll-free at 888-402-BOOK(2665).

All this brought to mind my original idea back in February when I began blogging how I wanted to gather a cavalcade of readers, those folks who promote books through voracious reading and reviewing.  Book Boosters was born and although I had hoped to have 500 BBs by June I can’t complain about having 35 so far.  Especially since I haven’t done any active promoting (I don’t Tweet, Face, Stumble, Link or such–old-fashioned, maybe–time deprived, very much so).

So if you are reading this and find you fit the Book Booster profile and don’t see your name on the list, please let me know and voila, you will be added. There are no dues, annoying ads, or newsletters.  I am working on a secret handshake.

Happy Pages,


Are you a Book Booster?

  • Do you love books?
  • Do you have favorites you read, recommend, and even re-read?
  • Are you a frequent flyer at the local library?
  • Are you an on-line regular of book sites, be they promoting to buy, review, or boast books?
1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You...
1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perchance you operate on a need to read basis–you have to have a book in hand, by the bed, stashed in the car, or have one nestled in the backpack.

You then, my friend, are a Book Booster.  And you are in good company.  Add your name to the list and welcome to the shelf of those who appreciate and advance the cause of books.

Join the continuing ranks of Book Boosters:


2. (adambellotto)







9. (Samir)





14. (scriptor obscura)




18. (Bella)

19. (Cassie)


21. (Marilyn Mendoza)















I hope your peruse the above blog sites, especially if you favor reading, and adore books.  And next time you are done with that read, consider donating it to the friendly little parking lot box.

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14 thoughts on “Honk If You Love Books

  1. I love your Book Booster idea, it’s so sweet!

    My local recycling center has a stand where you can leave your unwanted books and, in turn, pick up books others have left behind. You can find everything from the latest bestsellers, children books, DIY books, textbooks… it’s quite a treasure trove, if you’re willing to shuffle through the mess.

  2. I’m glad to hear recycling books is in other communities!

  3. Honk!

    And, yes, sign me up for book boosting.

  4. HONK! I love books – my blog isn’t a Book-Booster blog. However whenever I get the chance I send people your way. Thanks for all your wonderful posts on books and reading.

  5. i think its such a good idea 🙂 we have something simular near me 🙂

  6. i would love to be added to the list! did i forget to honk? i always forget the rules…

  7. I didn’t know about this Discover Books thing. I’ll look for one the next time I need to clean out my shelves. Thanks!

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