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Rocks and Boxes and Framing up Life

Book Cover

Book Cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to roll my eyes at self-help books, you know the ones, someone gets a theme going and a trend gets going that sweeps everyone away–at least for a time.  Parachute colors, cheese moving, flat abs, beach diets, being okay.  Yup, it’s all out there.  And yes, some of these books have changed lives and have contributed to shifting paradigms.  Then again, some of these books are momentary blips that end up at the Friends of the Library book sale six months later.

There is one book I do endorse, and in a recent conversation with a Gen Y‘er who  talked about time management and how this book really helped him, I recalled the importance of re-introducing this book to my students. Here is the promotional video that drives home the point of getting priorities right:

Actually, that promotional clip comes from the first book, Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  I use his son’s version, Sean Covey‘s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens.  He made points with my students with his approach and humor, and the best part is that many of them learned from his book.  I would dearly love to meet up with them ten, maybe fifteen years down the road and find out if the book’s principles stuck with them.  The theme of his book is framed (you’ll get the pun after the clip) well in this promo clip:

So, question for the day: what self-help books have worked for you?

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5 thoughts on “Rocks and Boxes and Framing up Life

  1. Elise on said:

    Sounds simplistic, but my favorite self-help book is the Bible.

  2. I love self-help books. 🙂 I didn’t think I did, but after looking at them at the stores, I think they’re kind of fun. I’ve bought several in my past. “Play Like A Man, Think like a Woman” and some investment books (whose titles escape me).

  3. Damian Shuler on said:

    I love to read self-help books both online and offline. Self-help is a great topic too and of course we should always improve ourselves. ;;`:`

    Enjoy your weekend!“>

    • Self-help books are definitely popular and some are better than others. Improving ourselves should be a goal we all add to our to-do list. Thanks for stopping by!

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