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Literary Spoilers or Have You Finished Your Assigned Summer Reading Yet?

Charlotte and Susan Cushman (the Cushman siste...

Charlotte and Susan Cushman (the Cushman sisters) in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in 1846 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



However, if curiosity gets the best of you I shall not reveal the title, only the ending.

  1.  Juliet and Romeo die.  In fact, a lot of people die.
  2. The Navy comes in the nick of time for Jack.
  3. Ponyboy manages to pass English.
  4. Elizabeth finally says “yes” to Darcy
  5. However, it is not so happy for Heathcliff, Catherine and Edgar.
  6. Boo finally comes out.
  7. Gatsby doesn’t get the girl.
  8. George and Lennie go for a walk.  Lennie returns alone.
  9. Huck decides to hit the road.
  10. Gulliver decides to become The Man Called Horse

Now, finish up diddling on the Internet and get back to reading.

Blue Skies,


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8 thoughts on “Literary Spoilers or Have You Finished Your Assigned Summer Reading Yet?

  1. Yes, ma’am! Back to my assigned reading list now. 😉

  2. Katie on said:

    Love it! I think I got most of them…one or two I obviously need to read up on.

  3. Any suggestions for people who’ve already read this lot?!

  4. #8: George returns alone. I’ve had many an upset student who were really mad at me for making them cry. How dare I assign a sad book, but I’m thrilled because they connected with the book.

    • It’s a good thing when a student cries after reading a book. Real connection instead of manipulated by Hollywood drama. Oh, right–we aren’t supposed to make our students cry, are we? 🙂

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