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Male Bonding

50 years of Bond films
is definitely a time of reflection.

The six James Bond actors of EON Productions f...

The six James Bond actors
of EON Productions films, as they appear in their individual gun
barrel sequences, from left to right – Sean Connery, George
Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel
Craig. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night The MEPA and
I rented Skyfall to celebrate that I arrived
home with absolutely no papers to grade. Perhaps the first time
since school started.  Although we experienced
Skyfall in all its IMAX wonder, there’s
nothing like cozing up on the sofa in my IKEA robe with a handful
of chocolate macaroons, watching a Bond flick with my favorite guy
next to me. Who needs to wait for the weekend?

Bond. James Bond.

English: James Bond films

English: James Bond films
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He is part of the culture. An
icon. An institution.  And he’s held his age quite well,
considering he’s been shot at, tortured, survived impossible
reckless encounters with cars, rockets, really big men with iron
teeth–let alone his penchant for fast women and fast cars.
Drinking martinis alone should have aged him. I’m thinking the
choice of Bond reflects what we expect of our male ideal. Sean
Connery: THE James Bond–cool, calm, quick with a well-place quip.
A man’s man, and every woman’s ideal. Connery reflected the
sixties male of being in control of his environment, and that
included women.

Sean Connery at the private party after the pr...

Sean Connery  (Photo
credit: Wikipedia)

Roger Moore: It must have been tough following Sean’s footsteps. Sean exuded capability, while Moore
attempted charm. He tended to mistake panache for pandering
and I just couldn’t warm up to his lack of physical prowess.

English: Sir Roger Moore

English: Sir Roger Moore
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Timothy Dalton: Dalton had the
looks, charm, and physicality of the suave secret agent. I had
hoped for a longer run.

Pierce Bronsan: A great
transition from Remington Steele to steely nerves and smooth demeanor.  Bronsan brought class to the series and reflected the nineties male who still showed a bit of chauvinism towards women, but also respect–once they earned it.

English: Brosnan Pierce at Cannes in 2002.

Pierce Bronsan (Photo
credit: Wikipedia)

Daniel Craig: When Bronsan got
bounced from the series the pressure must have been tremendous for the next Bond in question, yet this blonde Bond has transcended and
redefined the role. He epitomizes the tough male who is willing to show his compassionate side. I see Craig’s Bond as the modern King Arthur, tough yet revealing a vulnerability. Bond. If you think about
it, he is a reflection of what we expect out of our males for that
particular era. So, bond today?  No pressure, guys. Just
be good with a punch, be it verbal or physical, and don’t forget to shake your martini. Oh yeah, it’s okay to shed a tear for a fallen comrade, should the need arise. Any votes for
your favorite Bond?

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