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Drug Free Teaching

Today was the first day back to school. I went home just before lunch after confessing to the principal I couldn’t handle it any longer. The look on my face made him step back and say: “Go home.” Good thing it was only staff day and not class day.

It’s been a month since I ditched my mountain bike on the bike path embankment to avoid crashing into another cyclist. It’s been a long month of adjusting to using my left hand instead of my right, learning to love ice packs, and enduring physical therapy. Tolerating pain meds is its own post.

Being a lightweight (wave a cork at me and I’m tipsy), I take half doses of my pills in order to maintain some state of functionality. This means I’m always at about a three on the pain scale–I think ten is an elephant standing on your head (like when I first figured my wrist must be broken after I crashed).

Apparently, I cannot teach or drive, if I take my pain meds. Driving a car or teaching teens under the influence is frowned upon . Something about impaired judgement. So, to prepare going back to driving and teaching I have been cutting back on my dosage. Way back. How about no meds for a day? Yeah–that didn’t work so well.

Thankfully, my understanding principal let me go home and nap so I could return for open house. Yes, it was a long day first day back.

At this moment I have ice on my wrist and I’m hoping to go back to sleep and go for another day of staff meetings and prepping my classroom. During staff introductions I held up my black air-cast wrist and joked I had on my Wonder Woman titanium bracelet. The joke was on me when I said, “And it’s my first day without drugs.” And the quip? “In your teaching career?”


I went home and napped for three hours. Ice is nice.

Why We Say: #2

Title page of Three Hundred Aesop's Fables

Title page of Three Hundred Aesop’s Fables (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continuing on with what could be an enlivening series of posts is #2: “Adding Insult to Injury”

This expression is traced back to Aesop, the storyteller who attached morals onto his flash fiction parables.

Apparently a man who possessed hair deficit disorder swatted at a fly and in doing so missed the fly and smacked himself in the head.  Not only did the fly get away (the insult), but the man got a lump on his noggin for his efforts (the injury).

Today, when someone says or does something that hurts another person, either verbally or physically, and then does something that furthers this problem, such as not apologizing for the initial incident, or creates another problem, that person is said to add insult to the injury.

My Thoughts:
Did it really matter that the guy in Aesop’s story was bald to begin with? Was that the insult–that not only did the guy have no hair, now he had a lump for everyone to see.




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