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Hammocking, the Backyard Sport of Choice


Although the calendar says summer starts next month, I say 85 degrees is summer.  All year-long I  look forward to the time when I will spend my days shlumping around in my hammocks.  Yes, I have two.  One is a deluxe double-wide parked out edition which is housed in its own little gazebo. It’s designed  for those hot days when a breeze-in-the-shade reading session hits the spot.  The other is a K-Mart sale special stiff-canvas singler that is a roasting-is-the-mostest wonder.  I’ve already replaced the material on that one.

Summertime, hammocks, and books, with a side of lemonade in a frosted glass–who could want anything more?

What I was reading in the hammock over the weekend:

I become a Jasper Fforde fan after reading his Thursday Next series, and have started his new series.  I wonder if he is enjoying the notoriety if being the original Shades of Grey title on the market. More of a review later.

Blue Skies,

Cricket Muse

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