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National Read a Book Day

It’s obvious I’m a Book Booster. Reading, reviewing, writing. Celebrating access to books. Promoting reading. A book in hand whenever possible. Today’s national recognition is an everyday celebration for me.

I couldn’t fathom not having a book handy to read.

How about you? Is this a special day or an everyday note of recognition?

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10 thoughts on “National Read a Book Day

  1. I have MANY books on hand for reading.

    Over and over and over again.

  2. I’m with ya, Pam! Every day is a reading day for us, but calling attention to books and reading is in order. It’s a real tribute to our libraries and authors as well.

  3. petespringerauthor on said:

    I predict the volume in your reading will increase a lot this year due to retirement. I still like a hard copy, but the Kindle Reader has to be one of the greatest inventions. Where did I put my book? Oh yeah, it’s on my computer.😊

  4. Every day is Read a Book Day! Woo!

  5. A co worker checks books from the Library often. He is a pastor, Minister.

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