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Outtakes on Sleeping In

The answer was fairly unanimous. Everyone in our teacher lunch bunch had “sleeping in” has a checklist item for Christmas break.

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Sleeping in. That concept of ignoring the alarm, rolling over, snuggling down under the covers, and being the boss of wake up time is very appealing. At least it is for those over nine years of age. The notion of not getting up before the adults of the house are ready to acknowledge the day somehow does not kick in until after a child has learned to embrace the joy of breaks from school.

So–here it is: Christmas Break. I’m ever so willing to sleep in. The problem is my body clock is so attuned to waking up at before 6 am that I don’t even need an alarm clock anymore, not after twenty plus years of getting ready for teaching a roomful of teens the joys of English. It takes at least a month into summer break before my body realizes that it is no longer required to rise and shine. The truth of September looming and trying to convince my body to go back into sleep regiment is a whole ‘nother post.

The first couple of days of Christmas Break go like this.

*eyes blink open* it’s still dark out–disorientation–What day is it? What time is it? Realization–Oh, I’m on break. Roll over. Try to go back to sleep. Good for about 15 more minutes. Might as well get up and finish grading those essays.

Running around doing Christmas errands and staying up late watching movies, reading late–no problem sleeping in. I make it to about 6:30.

After Christmas, with no immediate obligations to tax my energies (shoveling the driveway is always obligatory depending on the snow forecast) sleeping in becomes a given. I might make to the faintest of daylight seeping through the window shades, which means it’s going on 7:35 am.

Today, my body reverted to pre-Christmas Break mode and bright-eyed at 5:30 am I found myself too awake to bother rolling over. Reading a bit, with the hope of getting sleepy, I covered my eyes and plugged my ears and threw the covers over my head and basically bullied my body to go to sleep.

Nope. Just because the clock said 10:00 am doesn’t mean I slept in. Feigning sleep is not the same at all. I did not wake up refreshed, and worse, I remembered I had wanted to get out to do errands before noon, otherwise the traffic starts to get dicey on the roads.

I think I will go with my sleep flow and get up when I get up. After all, in one week I will be back to routine when school starts up. My solution? Naps. Ah, the art of the afternoon nap. The Art of Nap is worthy of an entire book, not just a post.

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9 thoughts on “Outtakes on Sleeping In

  1. On that first night of vacation stay up til two of three in the morning. You’ll sleep in, I reckon.

  2. I go with how my body feels as well. Admittedly, the very best part of my C-Section ‘break’ was turning off every alarm on my phone.

  3. petespringerauthor on said:

    I think yours is a common affliction for many teachers. I had the same issue, often fantasizing about sleeping in but rarely doing it.

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