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Give Me a Break…

December consists of hurry up and wait.

At school we hurry through the last unit, hoping to complete it before

a)an unexpected snow day hits

b)the current bout of flu doesn’t empty out the classes

c)too many of my students leave for early vacation.

At home it’s a flurry of hurry as I shop, package, insert, check lists, pull down boxes, search and find–that is, when I am not grading those last minute assignments.

The wait part is counting down days to Christmas Break. We voted to make 12/21 the exit day in order to have an extra week at the end of break, instead of at the beginning. Fumes of distinctive burn out permeated the hallways on Friday. Everyone was tired. I know waiting so long for the break to begin will mean I enjoy that much more–right?

I did a happy dance in the kitchen on Saturday 12/22. Walked around in the brisk, sunny, pre-snowstorm. Definitely appreciated the Christmas weekend. Love being on break.

It’s Wednesday. Umm, how long before we go back to school?

It’s true: You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take the classroom out of the teacher.

So far I’ve read two books, answered a dozen Quora requests, watched three movies, straightened up my Hamlet unit, polished my Merchant of Venice lesson plan, finished a puzzle, made a batch of cookies, tried out my new walking poles (thanks, Hon), slept in (6 am!). Now what?

Sheesh–I better figure out something about down time. I’ve got about four years to retirement.

They say knitting can be fun.

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10 thoughts on “Give Me a Break…

  1. You teachers are the most industrious bunch I know. 😀

  2. I prefer Crochet. I should post some of my projects………

  3. Sorry. I’m having trouble thinking of 6 a.m. as “sleeping in.”

    And that yarn thing is pretty distressing.

    You are a strange gal, Cricket.

  4. Birds of a feather, eh?

  5. I can’t knit.. I have tried! I love to crochet but I have just enough arthritis in my thumbs to make it difficult to do for any length of time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles, word find puzzles, word fill puzzles, tetris… but nothing that has anything to do with numbers! NO MA’AM! Anything that takes my mind away…
    This is technically break for me since I went back to college. New semester starts for me Jan 14. I will graduate next Dec with my Bus degree… then what? IDK! God will hopefully help me figure it out.. Happy New Year Cricket! 😚

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